Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My brief is to take a 12 by 12 inch square of Fast2Fuse or similar material and create LEAVES.
Whether I make one leaf or cover the entire surface with leaves is my choice.
The twelve inch square is then to be cut into six (4 x 6 inch sized) postcards ,and mail off five of the cards to the others participating.

On the message side of each card I need to describe specifically and clearly the materials and processes used.

After thinking about the challenge for a couple of months,I decided to use one of my favourite themes:
No prize for guessing
that I chose AUTUMN which gave me the opportunity to employ the pressed and dried Maple and Gingko leaves that I brought home from Japan last year.

Using some Homespun cotton fabric and Pebeo transparent paints I applied a wash to the fabric as back ground for the leaves.

The leaves were scanned and adjusted, and finally I printed the scanned leaves to the treated fabric using Celcast fabric carrier sheets.

And that is as far as I have progressed............(watch this space)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Phoenix rising

I bet that Doreen never expected to see this happen.........her CQ block finally completed!

I've been feeling rather bad about the situation,I must admit that Doreen's block has been in my possession for over twelve months....
and apart from a yet unfinished Candlewicked piece.......this is the longest I've ever taken.
My sincere apologies,Doreen

Life has been a bit weird this year-----
I embarked on a TAFE course for Tutoring in Literacy & Numeracy-----and didnt realise just how time consuming that would become,between lectures,assignments,practical classes etc.

Then,my hip decided it "was time" for a total replacement!
The day before surgery four weeks ago,I handed in my final assignment for assessment and accreditation..........
and yes,I arrived home from hospital to find I had received my accreditation.

(I felt very pleased about that)

So Doreen,I then applied myself to your block............I hope the long wait was worthwhile.

My ' creative juices' are starting to kick in again.....after a very long time when nothing seemed to work.
maybe just feeling well has made the difference

I have scanned some Japanese maple leaves (from last year's trip) painted some fabric;
then printed the leaves to the fabric;
and now am ready to try and make some "LEAVES" postcards for a Postmark'dart swap.

Oh! the hip! Just call me Lurch (smile)
Everything is healing well;pain is minimal;
all I need is for the surgeon to give me the all clear so I can go back to driving,walking and swimming.
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