Saturday, May 27, 2006


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Colonial knots

A macro of one of the Wattle sprays on the circular piece Posted by Picasa

Macro shot

.....of Flannel flowers Posted by Picasa

Needleturn : a work in progress(?)

Needleturn WiP, originally uploaded by curli.

The other online discussion which featured Needleturn applique,prompted me to dig in my "hope chest"(I hope that one day I'll finish the project) and unearth this one:
It was planned that I'd use it as a medallion with possibly panels of a trellis effect framing it.
As yet I have tried my hand at constructing the trellises required

UFOs or WiPs?


A couple of current online discussions prompted me to delve into my unfinished projects.
One discussion was commenting on the difference between Colonial Knots and French Knots and I think the majority felt Colonial were a tad difficult.
I must confess that I love Colonial knots for the amount of texture and dimension I can achieve by changing the number of strands of thread.
Case in point: the Wattle blossoms in this four foot diameter piece I periodically pull out when I just want to stitch and dream of other things! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Frog stitching


Today I plan on a stint of Frog-stitching!
I completed this segment for a RR last night and I'm not happy with the result,so I'm going to sit on the patio in the sun and rippit,rippit,rippit!
Then back to the drawing board for another idea.........probably BDE or SRE in an effort to camoflage any minor damage.
(I did warn you that you get 'warts and all' with my blogging didnt I!) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dividing my time

At the moment I'm attempting several diverse projects:

One is a blue worked Mother Goose theme----the blocks were planned to be 12 inches finished,but I've decided that leaves too large an area of'white' in each block.
I then thought to recut the blocks on point.....didn't work because of the differing sizing of each character;
So now,I'm thinking of cutting the blocks down to a 9 inch (finished) square and frame each block with one inch of a dark blue then a two inch sash......I'll still have a twelve inch finished block,but a minimum 'white" expanse.

The next project,is a twelve person Round second round arrived yesterday.More about this can be seen over on my other Blog CQCrazywhere the team members can display their current rounds.

I'm also working on three Fabric & fibre Postcard one is a Challenge(in more ways than one VBG) Pandora/Pandora's Box I'm not saying anything!
The other two are "my Backyard" and "Cats".......must start DOINGinstead of just planning.

Finally(I think) my Art Journal quilts......are two months behind schedule.
Think I'll blame that on waiting for mail from New Zealand.........plenty of ideas,just don't know how to implement them.

Oh yes!!
I owe someone some diagrams of some left handed stitching.
I haven't forgotten,just haven't stitched the various stages yet.Apologies for that,but I think it may have to wait until the weekend.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Stitching for Lefties

Stem Stitch

Not the best of pics to illustrate what I'm attempting to explain;I'll try to set up clearer ones tomorrow when I'm less rushed.
This is 'meant to illustrate how I tackle stem stitch as a left hander.
(I'll admit that it is not what stitchery judges like,but it works well for me)

I stitch from RIGHT to LEFT along a line representing the stem line,and most times I stitch with the thread ABOVE the needle.
I initially come up through the fabric above the stem line and then across the line,down through the fabric,coming up again about half the length of the previous stitch Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 21, 2006


to the new blogger on the block: Helen aka Geminista has finally succumbed to the insistent singing of the blogging sirens.
Helen is among other interests, a Crazy Quilter(the nicest kind....the one that indulges her passion for needlework via CQ)
please go visit her East Lynne Cottage blog and enjoy!

Another angle.....

...of the quilt show car! Posted by Picasa



Some of the goodies that came home with me today........the opportunity to increase my thread stash with Rajmahal Art silk threads at 50c a skein was too good to miss out on.
My husband thought the rotary cutting board was the bees knees,so who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? Posted by Picasa

Mountain Quilters


Mountain Quilters

When you're going to a quilt show,and you're not quite sure "where",a quilted car is a good sign!
Ken and I drove up to Peachester (in the Sunshine Coast hinterland) today for the second day of the Mountain Quilters biennial show.
Even Ken could not miss this sort of signage!
Although equipped with my trusty digital I have no pics to share,because some are being prepared for commercial patterns and some are yet to be exhibited at juried shows shortly.
It was one show where there were many and varied styles....some the result of work-shops and experimentation;some of the BOM genre and others, adaptions of commercial patterns.

One quilt that particularly took my eye had been five years in the making: commencing with fabric paint palmprints of two children done annually, surrounding two fabric painted masterpieces done by each of the kids and then set in fabrics dyed by their mother.
The two blocks the kids did were of a knight battling a dragon,and a girl riding a horse in a paddock.
The backing of the quilt was also pieced with fabrics dyed by Bernadine and the whole stipple quilted.
Bernadine told me she had planned the entire quilt layout with her EQ5.Hopefully come August I can share a pic with you.

Then there was the Q/S Applique/machine embroidered quilt in shades of burgandy by LynH..........This was a floral masterpiece embroidery and rich velvets in the roses.

If the Zodiac is your "thing" you would have positively drooled over the 'small' quilt (also made by Bernadine) each Zodiac sign was a block 8 to 10 inch square(I'd guesstimate) and each was free machine embroidered.
This lady's work is incredible and I'm totally in awe of her diverse talents.
You ought to visit Bernadine's Blog Fabric Dye and Threads

On a more prosaic note,I really must take my DH to quilt shows MORE OFTEN!!
I came home with a new rotating cutting board,a good supply of Rajmahal art silk threads,bead containers x3 and some pottery buttons.
(Shirley's buttons are to die for!)
Today I limited myself to 2 windmills, 1 wheelbarrow and another pair of thongs(flip-flops to our US cousins....not underwear!)

There was also a section of dolls.........glorious dragons, fabulous frilled lizards ladies with personality.
A fund raising section was stocked with cushions and bags of different styles,crafty little pin cushions,little weights looking like pincushions,but designed to stop the pages of your book flipping over;
Turned timber needle cases and doovers for lace making.

Time to go fondle my new threads...........

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