Saturday, June 09, 2007

FAT doll

FAT doll
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I just had to try yesterday's purchase,so another CQed block was made,with the purpose of making a doll for Fibre Art Traders:
the Challenge?
View the pattern shape and decide "what you see"........
NO prizes for guessing what I saw.

Friday, June 08, 2007


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Myfanwy H's card for theEmbellisher_Art_Postcard group has arrived !

The working is so delicate......she has needle punched wisps of fibre onto a blue foundation.......puts me in mind of the Summer skies I hope she should be enjoying in the northern hemisphere at the moment.

The three flowers are hand stitched.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

We've had RAIN............

.............and aren't the plants enjoying it!

Our rainwater tank is full and our yard can not soak up any more moisture.
Even the front yard which was pretty badly abused with heaps of soil,gravel,timber and an industrial waste bin is recovering.
The dead looking bare brown patches are greening into grass.
Mother Nature can be so forgiving.

The top photo is of a Cordyline fruticosa----one of my favourites with its blend of pinks,green and cream.Behind it is a dark burgandy cultivar and the narrow leaf is a "walking Iris" I liberated from my son's garden.

The middle photo is a combination of an Impatiens in the foreground ,and (yet another plant liberated from my son's garden a few year's back)I'm not sure of the correct botanical name,but commonly called variegated goose foot ,I think.

And the last photo.....Clivea,Draecena and unknown fern.

The draecena and fern languished in pots on a back patio at our original KenMaursCorner in the Caboolture Shire.
They really have relished the relocation.

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Through the looking glass

After a few days of rain,glorious rain,the showers held off today........

On the far (southern) fence I've mounted this cane mirror ,
and I love the effect!

"One day" I'll mount a larger mirror that reflects the width of our narrow yard.
In the meantime........ I dream.

Another Clivea has bloomed! (See the tiny splash of orange at the base of the mirror?)
The Draecena,the Cordyline and the Crotons...the orange/yellow splash of colour 2/3s up the reflection are thriving.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An experiment

ATCs and Postcards
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I'm trying to decide which is the best foundation for use with my Janome Xpression:
This WiP is being formed on a piece of Fast2fuse stabiliser.
So far,I've found that although the firmer stabiliser is easier to manage,I still get some distortion of the shape.
Of course,because I was thinking "postcard" I started with virtually a 6by 4 inch shape,which did not leave much room for error.
I had hoped to add some FME to this piece,but unfortunately,my trusty old Janome developed severe health problems yesterday,so until I acquire another (traditional) sewing machine...........

I also worked on a couple of Australian themed ATCs.........but not with the Xpression.