Saturday, April 22, 2006

Will I or wont I?

">LinkFrom someone who works in a sewing machine store:
"I just read your comment about men helping their wives buy sewing machines. I work at a store that sells sewing machines and one day a woman came to shop for a new machine. While I was showing her our top-of-the-line embroidery machine, she decided to buy it for her husband for his birthday. The reason? He had bought her a fishing pole for her birthday and an outboard motor for their anniversary. Sounds fair to me."

Well,my DH said "If you want it,if you'll use it.....get it!"

So today I've been attempting to research needle punching/felting machines ....
I've seen the Babylock embellisher
and the Berninas that a $300 punch needle adaptor fits(I'm happy with my 17 y.o. Janome,thank you)
I've tried to find if Pierrot machines are available in Australia.....the Links wont work! Grrrr.
Then there's the little machine at Feltcraft

Is there anybody" out there" who can give advice from experience?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Close up of the vintage German conscience would only let me buy one!
Price?? Dont ask!The most I've ever paid for ONE button is all I'll admit to.
Will take a closer look tomorrow and see if I can do/wrap something similar. Posted by Picasa

Buttons and threads

Two brass fans and a dragonfly and the embroidery threads AND some bling buttons Posted by Picasa


Today I went with several stitching friends To the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show
Although I must admit to being a little disappointed because I found NO Wool Rovings or Heat guns, I was happy to find that one of my favourites, Button Barn had heaps more goodies than I had cash,so a "few' dollars changed hands....I won't see them again until next April/May,but I HAD to have at least one of their German vintage hand wrapped buttons..the one on the left!
I'll attempt better pics and editing over the weekend.
Naturally I also visited the Lace Cottage and bought several metres of tatting.............much better than my attempts!
I was really disappointed that no Needle felters were there--and now I'm very tempted to purchase a Babylock Embellisher! Less painful and a heap faster than hand/needle felting.
I'll go sleep on it!
(Who needs food!!)
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