Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wish you were here


The brief for the PostCardMailArt group should we choose to accept it, was TRAVEL.
Where better to travel , than to Australia!
Using various Australiana styled fabrics as my backgrounds,I used images of Australian icons:
The Sydney Opera House; Uluru and some Aboriginal styled holographic stickers.
To these were added passports, luggage stickers and on the REVERSE side of the card
"Wish you were here"

As usual I got carried away, and made more than necessary, so there will be some in reserve for other occasions.
Tomorrow a couple of cards will commence their journeys to California and Kentucky.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Postcards



"Mary Mary" is the card I received from Teresa G!
It was such a surprise to learn that she lives about eleven k away. We hope to meet in the very near future.
Stitching fingers uses a different swap format to my other groups: here we need only make one card to swap, and it's a split swap rather than direct.
i.e I receive from Teresa, but I send to Patricia!

Humpty Dumpty is a "one -off" Nursery Rhyme swap with a member of the Stitching Fingers Postcard group.
This card is on its way to Patricia in Rupublic of Ireland.
It's been "a while" since I did any back-stitching and BOY! does it show!
I used Derwent Inktense water colour pencils to add detail to the stitching...I think it eased the starkness of the calico background and made it more "nursery rhyme-ish" looking.
I hope Patricia likes it

On a happier note: The auction over at AAQI is completed and I'm happy to report that my three cards were sold !
I do not know "who" purchased them, but I am grateful to them, that I was able be a minor fund raiser for such a worthy cause.
In total, the seven of our group from Postmark'dArt that contributed postcards raised US$916!
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