Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paper fabric


Paper fabric? Fabric paper?
What's the difference?

Back in 2004 in an edition of Cloth Paper Scissors, I read an article by Breyl Taylor,referring to combining/fusing paper with fabric to make a "fabric",that although it looked

like paper,it could be used like fabric.
Not long after that,I purchased Beryl's book "Mixed Media Explorations" which talked of her method for"Fabric Paper"

Also in 2007, again in "CPS"kelli Perkins published an article on making mixed- media fabric paper......and I was "hooked'!
My first attempts at this process were entered in Virginia Spiegel's "Fibre Art for a Cause" in 2008.......I had just lost my husband to Prosate Cancer,so my theme was "The Melody Lingers on"
and the same motifs (lavender) plus sheet music and shells were combined to produce the pieces I submitted.

Today's "sample uses similar---the same lavendar motif from the original paper napkin,pink,blue and lavebnder tissue paper------and that is where I stopped this afternoon.

Maybe I will add further Lumiere (painted)high lights and other embellishments......who knows?
Come back for a visit......and see what happens!

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WiP Elements: Fire


One of Postmark'dArt group current challenge is to interpret the Element Fire as six postcards.

Being Summer in my country I chose to use "bushfires" to represent the element.
However as my idea took shape I could see that so much detail would be lost by cutting this 12.5 inch square into six (4by 6 inch) postcards.
Consequently this will eventually end up as a 12 inch square art quilt.

The background material was a grey patterned cotton fabric that I over washed with vermilion,orange and gold; both in opaque and transparent acrylic paints.

Using Xpandapaint,I then applied the tree skeleton and the fence posts.
I heat treated these and then painted over them with black to represent burnt surroundings.

The next phase,was to paint some Tyvek with Lumiere mettalic gold neopaque paints in my version of flame colours.
The Tyvek was then distressed with heat, and I set about the fiddly process of cuting flame shapes from the Tyvek as well as from some flame coloured silk to applique to represent the firestorm.

As I said.....this is a work in progress!

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