Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some CQ again

Yes........I've made a start on Doreen's block!
It seems so long since I've done any CQ and embroidery,that I find I'm referring back to a few favourite books to remember how it's done.
These days with fabric and fibre postcards and Journal quilts consuming my interest my CQ has sadly dropped away.
I keep telling myself that when the electrician comes and adds a few more power points,I'll be able to sit and stitch at night;
So I guess I better organise a sparkie!
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Something simple

After skimming through my new quilting books:

Gloria Loughman's "Luminous Landscapes"
Maggi McCormick Gordon's "Quilters guide to Pictorial quilts"
Valerie Hearder's "Points of view"
and Jane Davila & Elin Waterston's "Art Quilt Workbook"

I thought I'd get back to basics!
Hence the current work in progress:
Simple geometric shapes on a plain background.

And,I'm doing it "my way" using a klip lok type of quilting frame;
I want to see if I can quilt without basting , pinning or spraying.

I'm using an overdyed pearl thread and hand quilting initially around the shapes.
What happens after that?
Who knows!
But I am finding that the frame seems to be working as I hoped,and keeping a reasonable tension on the quilt sandwich. The finished piece should be about 15 by 24 inches.

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