Tuesday, July 17, 2007


One of the groups I belong to Embellisher_Art_Squares is currently running a challenge to produce twenty four 1.5 inch sqauers for swapping with other members;
They need to be constructed using an "Embellishing/needle punching machine.
Using white wool as the foundation I overlaid and needle felted/punched some tomato red merino wool,plus the odd soupcon of navy blue to form the felt.
I also used Dissolve4X WSS as the base.
When I had a piece of felt ready for embellishment I tried several methods:

Some had butterfly sequins stitched into position;

Others I used micro beads and stencils to apply swirls;

Still others were couched with Sari silk yarn/fibres;

And on others I used a Gutterman's black metallic thread that I normally use to depict insect wings in embroidery.
on some I chain stitched swirls,on others fly stitched "branches"

I hope the recipients of the above squares don't mind that I have not done a "finished" edge...........
as I felt that edging would overwhelm the work on the actual square.

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