Friday, January 21, 2005

Where did Thursday go?

Another chore accomplished.
Mango chutney vintage 2005 is now gracing the pantry shelves.
I think I may have been a wee bit heavy handed with the chili flakes,but it still tastes great.
Departing the kitchen.............
I won't make Mango Jam as I find it too sweet, and as I can't access any Rosellas this year for Jam or pickles,so, it's back to needlework!

Spent this morning(Friday) at a stitching session at my local quilt shop: my job today was sewing the bindings around some of the cot quilts for an orphanage in Sri Lanka.Brought home another three to complete over the weekend.The three J's have organised transport etc for them,though I keep saying we should add some cotton cot sheets too.
Must sort through my stash and see what sheeting I have to re-size to cot quilts.
Have just about completed the Needlebook for the Autumn swap and should start on that Autumn leaves thingie that's percolating in my brain.
And then............that Star quilt!
Only one block to Frog stitch...........Why aren't I DOING something about it?

Oh yes...........a CQ Fan RR.Naked blocks to be ready by March.That's still 33 days away...Write down those ideas,Maureen,before you forget!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I've done it....AGAIN!

I think the fact that I've completed my Swozzies Quilt,(for the unitiated,I'm talking about my SW(iss) Aussies(ozzy) Quilt made for my daughter & her Swiss husband to commemorate their 6 months camping tour of Australia)
and being well on the way with my Autumn piece,and "nearly there" with the BDE trio, caused a rush of blood to the brain!
Anyway I have committed myself to the Fans RR on southerncrosscrazies.
I think I'll pull out my Journal and start jotting and sketching ideas before they flit to freedom.
I received a most attractive bag of Autumn fabrics from Peggy White yesterday........maybe Autumn Fans instead of Jewel (Victoriana)........better get out the coloured pencils too!

Apart from the Needlework,there are those mangos!! I've got the fruit,sugar,vinegar,raisins , chilis and ginger.
Better check out the empty jar supply.........and suit action to my words.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Musings on Monday

Somehow I didn't get around to posting yesterday.......
The web-ring that "Chloe" forwarded to me earlier in the week may have had something to do with that!
Then again I'm tending to find that my teaching skills re Needlework are certainly stretched to the utmost when a beginner asks(via IM) WHY is there gaps in her first block!
Had hope to get back to her with some updated notes today,but played hookey and went to see the movie version of Phantom of the Opera.
After all it was my DH's birthday yesterday,so I thought lunch and a movie might be enjoyable;it was!
(I must admit that these days,whether it's a movie or a DVD I find myself checking out the fabrics in costumes, and the sets for more ideas for my journal.)
Just about completed that Autumn CQ block for yet haven't commenced on that Redwork,applique piece.
Oh that's right,I constructed two pieced blocks as my contribution to a group quilt for a friend,so maybe I accomplished "something" yesterday,after all!

Another "to-do": Must find time to try some more needle not comfortable with a shuttle.