Monday, September 30, 2013



When one is involved with crafts, it becomes second-nature to look at every day products and wonder  about recycling them into your craft.
I'll be honest: I'm a pack rat! A hoarder!
A thorn in my pragmatic and highly organised daughter's side.

Case in point? All those neat netting bags you get when you buy fruit and vegeables.

Many years ago I used to chuckle at my mother. She would save the plastic bags in which sliced bread was sold; then she would cut the bags into long narrow strips and knit or crochet dress hanger covers from them and gift them to various people.
Later on the plastic was replaced by the more aesthetically pleasing ruffled nylon lace and looked "better" in the wardrobe.

Now it's my turn, and I delved into my hoard of various types of nylon netting bags, and these are the result!
These four cards were made for swapping with other members of PostCardMailArt and will start their oveseas travel later today.
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