Monday, August 09, 2010

Come into my garden!


It may be less than a pocket handkerchief in size, but I love the way my miniature rainforest has developed from my original plans a little over three years ago.

A visit from my son over the weekend, resulted in a larger mirror placed on the southern fence, and the reclining buddha regaining his position among the flowering jasmine on the eastern fence

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Acanthus: also known as Oyster flower or Bear's paw
blooming happilt in my garden

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I am getting tired of forming and stitching down flames, so after adding orange organza over some of the tyvek "flames" today, I have roughly pinned a black "frame" around the piece.
No other colour but black seems to complete the effect.

Some gemstone "rocks" and red beaded sparks, I hope will complete the firestorm.
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