Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fly and be free!

Since about my sixteenth birthday,I've had an urge to try gliding.
For one reason or another that has never happened..............until I realised that with my 70th birthday,my time was running out.

Today,with the help of my friend John Clayton (senior instructor at Caboolture Gliding club) I realised part of my dream.............with three flights in a Blanik glider!
Total flying time probably amounted to only 51 minutes,but John gave me control (for short times) on flights 2 and 3.

The last couple of weeks have been rather magical for me, as I attempt to apply a new direction to my life--------

I have joined a "workshop art theatre (WAT) as they prepare a comedic Review to be presented late October.

I have taken up Indoor Bowls.....and found it not as easy as I thought! :-(

Then there is Multitude..........a choir which is proving difficult, in that it's about 30 years since I read any music.... or sung seriously;
not to mention how rusted my vocal chords have become.

Last Thursday my darling daughter and I had a "girls night out" at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast of Queensland!
That was a night....that was!! :-) Thankfully I dont celebrate 70th birthdays too often.............I have blistered feet to prove what a good night we enjoyed.

Somehow,I'm beginning to think that maybe my passion with fabric ,fibre and threads is on the wane,as I discover these other addictions.Who knows what the future holds........but trust me,I'm going to enjoy the twilight years
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