Thursday, January 12, 2006


Eye Candy!

You want Eye Candy?Check out Pat Winter at her Home page
and Lilla Le Vine for some CQ to die for.

Maybe,one day...........

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday's report

I have enjoyed experimenting with my new set of paints!

I've found that they work well on various fabric textures and on plastic buttons too.

Another thing I like,is that if you don't like the colour you end up with,another coat with a different colour is no problem.
This set is metallic and pearlescent colours,I think the next set will be the neopaque.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another experimental play

Yesterday the postie delivered a package of Lumiere paints that I've anxiously been waiting for!
I had prepared a piece of cotton fabric and stapled it to a frame and then I smothered a rectangular area with quilters basting spray
(Safety hint:this definitely needs to be done outside or in a well ventilated area!
Once I felt the adhesive was tacky enough,I started positioning bits of braid,lace and motifs in the marked area and then left it all to dry.

">Link As I commenced the FUN part today(using the paints) I realised that I need a few more textural bits added.
In the meantime,this is how it's looking and I've only used 3 colours with varying amounts of water to dilute the paint.
Incidentally the same paint has been used on the large daisy motifs as on the lace motif that's not fully coloured.

An answer for Catherine

Catherine asked how much stitching was required to keep layers together:
Not much!
The piece probably didn't even need the tulle overlay,but I wanted to try using my zipper foot to outline the beads closely,and that's why...............

I put a fairly hefty and tacky layer of basting spray on the fabric initially (next time I'll use a craft glue , and brush and dab) and I used tweezers,toothpick and rubber gloves to firmly squish the fabric confetti into the goo.

I left it to dry out for about 24 hours before I went to the next step of adding the tulle.
I'm still toying with the idea of embellishing over the quilting lines........

When is enough

Monday, January 09, 2006

Trash or Treasure?

Having previously "made" a fabric using Solvy and the leftovers from previous embroidery projects,I wanted to try using "confetti" as mentioned on another site to which I belong.
Maybe B and D will recognise where I'm coming from !
After choosing the fabrics to trash,I destructed them into "confetti"! Posted by Picasa

Confetti anyone?

It seems quite irrational to take even small samples of fabrics and" destruct" them into minute scraps,but,there you go :

A bowl of confetti ready for the next step!Posted by Picasa

Getting stuck into it....

Posted by Picasa Using a piece of batting approximately 7 by 5 inches,I liberally sprayed the batting with Quilters basting spray;
(Why anyone would choose to sniff the stuff is beyond me: I did the spraying outside & still ended up with a monster headache.Next time I'll be using a bottle of craft glue)
Once the sprayed surface was fairly tacky,I positioned the confetti pieces,added a couple of sparkling buttons,some glitter threads,and waited for it to dry!

Tulle overlay

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Trash bag quilting

I decided yesterday to try a new (for me) method of Trash-bag quilting,and this is the resulting sample;It still needs finishing around the edges! Posted by Picasa