Friday, June 17, 2005

Getting excited------

This time last year,we were recovering from an influx of visitors from Switzerland,New Zealand and Western Australia for our (only) daughter's wedding.
Tomorrow,Colleen and Pascal arrive back in Queensland--------indefinitely!
So,don't be surprised if KenmaursCorner,(and CQCrazy) languish for at least a week:there will be so much "catching -up" occurring.
This week has seen the postie deposit several CQ blocks in my mail box.
The one that appeals to me most,is from an 11 year old girl in Victoria-----Hello,Mary!
I met Mary's mum through a craft site,where we got involved in(surprise,surprise) a CQ Round Robin.
Then I learned that Mary would like to do a block.(Mary LOVES purple,cats and violins--though I'm not sure in which order)
Anyway Mary's block arrived this week,and I have so many ideas!!
Also this week I posted to the USA a couple of these were a steep learning curve(VBG) but more of them,

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This is work done on another of my dancing fans,by a NZ friend(Thanks Evie).
And Evie said:
" I have added three 'art doll' faces made from soft air drying clay painted with Lumiere paint. I used the same paint on the bow motif. Using the soft clay is brilliant because it can be stitched through. Lumiere paint is absolutely the best stuff....great range of colours and perfect to use on medium needed.
Around the faces I used a 'soup mix' of beads using colours that were in other patches of the block"

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