Friday, March 25, 2011

AND SEW IT GOES: Another beetle and a little tutorial

AND SEW IT GOES: Another beetle and a little tutorial

From Brenda Gael Smith's "Serendipity" I surfed over to Terry Grant's blog :"And Sew it goes"
and found this interesting tutorial.
As I work a lot with A4 sized quilts, this will come in so handy !!

Thank you Terry

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haiku: Using "sunshine" as the word prompt

Listed below, three other attempts at expressing "sunshine" in Haiku:

1..Sun shines brilliantly
Copper contrasts with blue sky;
Grey clouds quickly hide.

2..Sun beams brilliantly
Golden contrasts in blue sky;
Melancholy flees.

3.. Blazing ball of fire
Temperatures rising;
Grasses shrivel crisp.

March Haiku : Sunshine

As usual, I had several attempts at composing this month's haiku, using the word prompt of sunshine.
I finally settled for

" Molten copper ball
In cerulean blue sky;
Surf tumbling on shore."

My A4 sized quiltlet was formed with the background of Lutradur bonded to blue homespun.
Using a card stencil I laid Expandapaint in the shape of a corona; heat treated it to get dimensional effect and then gilded it.
Using silk fabric and Angelina film I created the "ball"...the actual sun.
Next was to applique the sea tumbling on the white shores.