Saturday, November 18, 2006

Accidental landscape

I had sketched out the layout for my 'canyons at sunset',but along the way,things went pear shaped!
I was hoping for another journal quilt to add to my port folio,but.........not this one.

I'd still like to get the plan to work,but I think it will need piecing and applique rather than Needle felting.
You certainly need sunglasses for looking at this one.
It has a mixture of wool roving,silk tops,silk throwers waste,a couple of (unwrapped )cocoons and a few scraps of wool felt and silk fusion /paper,and yes,I was using my Janome Xpression. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 17, 2006

Haiku postcard.........for Katie

A while back,a CQfriend (Katie) in PA saw a Wip of mine:
I was attempting to portray Haiku verse in a postcard; The Haiku in question was
"Evening hailstones
Beat branches.
Their whiteness."
Unfortunately I think the translation loses something as it crosses language barriers!

Anyway,the upper card is now with Katie in the USA.
The bottom card is my first one.
Both were constructed using white kimono silk with an Imperial chrysanthemum self pattern fabric,some DMC cottons,Swarovski crystals and Angelina fibre
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Crazy chick!

I'm not sure whether this crazy chick reminds me more of an Emu,or a Brolga!Anyway, ' she' arrived after a flight from the UK.........part of the Art2Mail Group 18 Swap.

Rosemarie ,who sent the card, has used a crazy patched background and appliqued her "crazy chick" onto it.
It certainly brightened my day! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fluttering by..........

I'm so glad that I didnt blog the scan of this card,as the photography more truly shows how gorgeous this Butterfly is! This card also arrived yesterday! From LisaM in AL, it came as a swap organised by Art2MailGroup18.

Lisa has fussy-cut the butterfly and applied it to the black and gold backing fabric.
A few hot fixed diamente and simple machine straight stitching really give the card WOW factor.
Thanks,Lisa Posted by Picasa

My Crazyquilting Friends

Yesterday's mail delivered two Postcards from "Crazyquilting friends"!
The angel came from RoseAnne in Canada! Very dainty machine applique with a touch of bead and braid to glamourise her.

The Christmas tree and wrapped parcels arrived from a dear friend up Hervey Bay way.
It's funny,but whatever postcard swap on whichever site,we always end up swapping with each other.
Now,how Margaret could say this card is bland is beyond me.........I love christmas trees!
Thank you RoseAnne and Margaret!
This makes three PCs I've received from this group.........remember the burgandy toned one I received from JuliaC last week? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Christmas is coming


These CQed Christmas themed postcards today started on their journey to new homes!
Hopefully they survive the postal systems!
In the last four months,five packages and a postcard have gone AWOL......very disappointing when you consider they all were mailed from the same Post Office and went not only to USA but UK also. Posted by Picasa

Textile challenges


After attempting a "reverse applique" cityscape that ended up in the discard bin,I tried something simpler:
Instead of the five fabric layers I used in the first attempt,I only used three this time;
I also used a simpler shape: the Kanjii for "tora"/tiger.
All went well until I started using my heat tool for sealing the cut edges.........

Funny,that!The medium edged tool that was unsuccesful on the heavier fabrics was too vicious for the lighter fabrics.
I'll try the fine point next. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 13, 2006

Felted fantasia


The beaded fringe I planned around the lower edge did not "work",so I'm quitting while I'm ahead!

Yesterday I felted a few petals and leaves to improve the dimensional effect,and using a hand felting needle positioned them and added a few more seed beads for glitz.

I tried photographing outside without flash to reduce reflected glare from the Angelina fibres. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The weekend that was...............


Not much accomplished creatively here,due to getting ready to place our home in the hands of a realtor in the hopes of "moving on".
Our capable daughter took care of the photographic details.........
(if you've got a specialist in the family,USE them!!)
Hopefully tomorrow evening the details will be up on
(A traumatic time,making the necessary actions to relocate after 22+ years in the one place.)

Anyway,only a little needle punching/embellishing was achieved -- but in the process of demonstrating my new machine to family members a few leaves and petals were constructed to add dimension to my "banner".

In the meantime,a newsletter arrived from Alma Stoller on
Potato Starch Resist Tutorial........and it's well worth a 'look'.
Those of you who are exploring various techniques via Fabric and fibre postcards or journal quilts should enjoy trying this one.
Dare I add that you may even be able to eat the resultant design?