Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today's mail........

Delivered this beautifully presented ATC from CatherineL in France!
I photographed it against a dark timber table in order to accent the cut-outs in her presentation card.
I received Catherine's address through a Fiber Arts Traders member.
At the time, I did not realise that I would be receiving a card from Catherine,so today's mail was a wonderful surprise.
The card itself has been protected by a clear slip envelope.

I did not photograph the reverse of the card because it reveals Catherine's address.......the printed back also lists the title of the ATC, and the date it was made.
Truly a tiny treasure!
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Nj you've created a Monster!

I was not happy with the way my purple lady was developing-------
(I hasten to add it was my own fault--being over eager to get a result)

I've pieced two more attempts for the "What do you see" doll.
These probably wont be put up for swapping either:
I just like to work a project to a logical conclusion.

I admit this photo looks more like a mad woman's breakfast than anything else,and probably all you can see is a hotch-potch of orange and purple-red,but trust me,there are three entities here.

Give me a day or so,and come check out the difference.

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Backyard by night

Kayla,who's now living in Darwin,wanted to know how my garden grows................it's about five weeks since she's seen it.
So,this is what it looks like by flash at 8 p.m. tonight;
The glow is the reflection from the cane framed mirror.

Today,via RedcliffeFreecycle.com

I acquired another mirror..........I'm not sure as yet,where precisely it will go...........
I'm still waiting for the grano worker and the patio installers to come do their thing!
I have a 'sleeping Buddha' plaque,and a small water feature,as well as today's acquisition waiting to be "homed"...........but they're not being positioned until the construction is finished

You may ask,what is Freecycle (tm)........it's a group around Australia,whose aim is to reduce landfill by offering products/whatever no longer required by that person.
No charge is made to the new owner........you just accept the offer and pick up the (as is) goods.
It's amazing what can be acquired this way.............well worth you checking it out....just Google "freecycle" and your area.............and help reduce landfill

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Destination Denmark

A needle punched postcard.........
Using Timtex as foundation,wool fibres were needle punched to form the background.
Slivers of acrylic felt form the stems and some leaves,with other leaves being of 'Rainbow Pellon'

The smaller flowers are of chiffon and organza ribbon and the big gold flower is a lace motif painted with Lumiere Metallic.
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