Friday, March 24, 2006



Have been attempting to work /complete my March Journal Art Quilt this afternoon.
As per usual my ambitions have greatly exceeded my capabilities!
I'm not at all satisfied with the outcome,but it has given me more insight into composition and fibre manipulation.

Yummy yarns

Yummy yarns, originally uploaded by curli.

These are the Nepalese Sari yarns that arrived today.The larger hank is knitting yarn.

I thought I'd get one skein to see how it compared with the designated Embroidery Sari yarn.

It's much thicker;doesn't feel quite as soft as the embroidery yarn,but I'll still enjoy using it!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Four inch heart template

Four inch heart template, originally uploaded by curli.

Hopefully this will size up okay! it's a four inch heart template on a 6.5 inch square.

Seam allowances are included.

CQ Crazy: Hearts for Jan

CQ Crazy: Hearts for Jan

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CQ Crazy: Sari yarn

CQ Crazy: Sari yarn

a picture for you

a picture for you, originally uploaded by curli.

Jesse has decided it's getting cool!

It doesn't matter that the quilt is MEANT to protect the furniture and the organza covered cushions!The lap quilt is firmly tucked top and bottom over the sofa to protect both the sofa cushions and a couple of organza covered cushions,but Jesse lifts edge of quilt,re-arranges cushions to his satisfaction and this is the result.

I must also add that the cushion embroidered with a cat is the one he prefers!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where did you get it?


After my disastrous "knit,stitch,distress" Vickyth of "Gone to the Dogs" blog ( )wondered where I got my Sari or Tibet silk:

Dale of The Thread Studio in Perth has it listed in her "exotic threads"
I buy mine locally from Elaine at Highland-Cottage-Crafts and am lucky enough to get personal delivery.I buy my silk tops,wool rovings, etc from Elaine and now must go chasing more Sari.
I hope this helps.
I've found both Dale and Elaine to be more than helpful and very prompt in parcel dispatch.

I'm sure I also saw it listed on a U.S. site in the last day or so,but at this point,sorry,I can't remember.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

1000 Journals

1000 Journals, originally uploaded by curli.

Because I've been distracted by other projects,my Journals have been languishing in a corner of my work room.

This afternoon I cut and folded internals for another three.Hopefully they will be covered within the next 24 hours and be ready for mailing to the co-ordinator in Germany.

I'm planning on a Dreamtime theme for a couple,and the Sydney Opera House for at least one other.

Needle felting

Needle felting, originally uploaded by curli.

Amongst other projects this weekend I've been playing with needle felting.

As this piece is roughly 6x4 inches,it may end up as a postcard, or stay in my journal alongside n/f notes...who knows!

After working abstract shapes I overlaid Angelina fibres over the felting.makes for difficulty in photographing with flash.

Those Angelina fibres certainly bounce back the flash!

Since this "play" I found another site which gave good hints for beginners,so

back to the felting board for another attempt.