Saturday, January 15, 2005

Not enough hours!

Following a couple of emails from Chloe yesterday(waves Gidday to Chloe waaaaaaay down south..) I didn't get round to adding anything to the blog.
Spent Friday morning at my local quilt shop helping sandwich together quilt tops,batting and backings to be quilted and forwarded on to an Orphanage in Indonesia for Tsunami victims.
Jumbuk (pty ltd) donated a roll of wool/polyester batting to be used and by next Friday we should be at the "sewing the binding" stage.

I've "found" a pile of blocks that I'll never get around to using for myself,so will sash them over the weekend (hopefully)and add them to the pileat the shop(one way to rid oneself of UFOs :-)

Didn't get around to changing format here on my Blog to allow access for a sidebar,but it will come.
Must go offline and DO some real life chores UGH!
Then maybe I can get some stitching done..........on the BDE piece I'm working with....really should pull out a couple of those daisy thingies and try something that has fuller petals(Must remind myself of that in my Journal too!)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Can Bras

It was with mixed feelings today that I purchased my copy of Homespun Magazine.------
Melody Lord,one of the "southerncrosscrazies" had an article on the First National CQ Retreat in Canberra last October, and was mainly about the Bras some of us created.
I was speechless when I realized that my CQ'd Bra was one of those featured in the article!
Thank you for including me ,Melody,your article brought back happy and hilarious memories of that Parade.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The day wasn't wasted after all!



Is a day wasted if...........

Can one consider a day wasted,if
after spending most of the day at the desk and fumbling here and there between and Kenmaurs Corner,I "think" I may have had success(fingers crossed).
If it has worked out as I honest Maureen! HOPED
I should now be able to email my pics via flickr to blog.
If not,it's "back to the drawing board"


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Sharon made me do addendum!

KenmaursCornercould blog the experience and let others know what you think and what
you do as I know that there are a good few people thinking of starting
blogs and its ok for the likes of me to say they are easy -
lets face it I teach web design for a living! I also teach 20 year
olds that are hot shots with code and simply forget that so much of
the stuff I say is total gobbledy gook to saner folks - I don't mean
to be - I just forget

anyway will love to hear how you progress - once you start and get
over this little hump I am sure you will enjoy yourself - so this is
still a come on in the water is fine message

This note above should have preceded the previous publishing,but...........I put my punctuation marks in incorrectly and excised the wrong bits!!!
I really must go and leave the computer to play with itself,whilst I tackle Ironing? Nah.
A needle with thread.............YES please! The mail delivered a cute gold wheel barrow to add to the central block of "My Rainbow Garden" today.('nuff said)

Sharon made me do it!


The above is part of an email received this morning,from a very patient lady who's trying to educate me in using a Blog in an acceptable style (VBG)
I'm sure her rationale is, that if I can emerge relatively unscathed from the experience and manage to upload pics as well...........anyone can!
If nothing else occurs,it will either put my remaining grey matter into melt-down or I'll emerge a little wiser......(I hope it's the latter)

Day one...........after committing myself to a Blog account,I chose an offered template to set up my page.Not impressed with what I chose.....
layout was not to my liking once I started.
Web design?? What's that?
What am I doing here??

Day don't like it? Change it! I've now chosen the softer outline of the "Light house" template;A logical decision when you consider
how much I love the ocean, and miss Lo-e.
NOW do I add pics?
I cant transfer them from other websites I'm a member of;My ISP doesn't seem to want to know me or tell me about storing my pics anywhere;
My White Knights Sharon and Jerry to the rescue!! Try this Maureen.Have a play.................
YEEHAaaaaaaaaaaaa! It works............
Now ,if I can "plant" my pics where I want them.............
Anyway,thanks S&J!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

To Pic or not to pic?">KenmaursCorner

This is a trial run to see what results are obtained in today's blog they say "If you don't jump in,you'll never get wet"!

Monday, January 10, 2005

An Autumn idea

In a weak moment,I committed to "an Autumn Swap"! The only criteria was that it must have an autumnal theme.
Naturally I first thought in terms of CQ,and to this end,constructed a naked block in tones of rust,gold ,brown & green yesterday and commenced embellishing it last night whilst "watching" the current episode of Compass on ABC TV..(I have in mind to construct a Needlebook from this block)
Of course,today dawns, and further ideas are sending my creative juices into over-drive;
As I'm unsure what my swappees likes and dislikes are,I'm now toying with the idea of a "Herb Trivet",which can be used either as a wallhanging or,more practically,as a trivet for hot dishes.
My idea is to have a central block of tea-dyed homespun and using suitable coloured threads embroider
by my window........

The 9 inch square will be set on point,with a pieced maple leaf set in upper & lower corners----or,maybe instead,a couple of leaves (as in my Grassfire quilt) hanging loosely;
Each of the four sides will have four scallops of rust fabric edged in gold,and at the back/base of the block will be a pocket to contain a sachet of herbs.

Question to self: Are you going to complete CQ BEFORE embarking on the Trivet???

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Anyone who says they have no UFOs is either a saint..or a liar!(Like the oldies who croak out that they've been married forever and never had a cross word!!!)
Since becoming involved with Needlework in its various forms I have built up a stash of UFOs.......Hardanger,Stumpwork,and quilts!! The number is irrelevant,but is less than ten;that's all I'll admit to,anyway! :-)

Each New Year I try to convince myself to reduce the mountain of cast aside for one reason or another,and 2005 has been no different;but...........!!
January9: I have completed one Redwork wall quilt! Yeehaaaaaaaa!
Commenced in 2003 as a memento for PasCol of their six months exploring Oz

(see Swozzies tour) on

The "piece"consists of Redwork embroidered Australian flora & fauna surrounding a map of Oz.....with their route marked.

NEXT: That "Starry,starry skies" pieced quilt(to be):Frog stitch that reverse block and replace said block and maybe the quilt will finally be sandwiched,quilted and bound.
Then,a little R&R! Back to CQ for a while.
Can't get too virtuous can I?