Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cynthia Morgan workshop

Last Saturday, I was privileged to participate a workshop with Cynthia Morgan at her home in Caloundra.(Q'ld)

I chose her nature photograph of a gorge in the Kimberleys,W.A. as my inspiration,and am trying to interpret it in fabric.
There were eight of us in the group,and we each chose a different inspiration photo as Cynthia prefers not to have everyone in the group competing over the same scene.

Apologies for all the white dots,but I'm still auditioning scraps of fabric for a good effect, and they being so small,need an awful lot of applique pins to keep them in position.

I'd like to add another couple of Australian fabric landscapes to my collection,
but will persevere with this in order that it doesn't succumb to the dreaded UFO-itis !

It was a wonderful day with Cynthia as she shared her tips and tricks of the trade,and also showed us her dyeing area....and to see up close and personal so much of her work:
landscape and flora was truly awesome.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to postcards!

As the forthcoming swap on the ArtUMail groups is themed for "your favourite landscape"
I thought I'd play around a little and to to employ some of the tips that Cynthia Morgan shared at her Landscapes Workshop last Saturday :
The first one represents two large rocks in a sea scape:
The fibre I used to represent froth and foam didnt work as I'd hoped,so back to the drawing board.

The second is of a waterfall.
Still a lot of room for maybe I'll try a more simplistic piece with the next attemptPosted by Picasa