Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 43

Bird's nest:
About two years ago ,at one of our weekly SnB sessions Shasa introduced me to birds' nests---Using a bowl to save the snippings and off-cuts of thread,particularly when doing hand worked stitcheries, and in her case,utilising those snippets when only a very short length of thread is required.
What has this got to do with fabric postcards you ask?
Well,why not use those threads offcuts to create a different background for a PC?
Lay them on a piece of homespun,whatever lay the threads in a light mesh and randomly FME or stipple quilt over them to hold in position;
or layer fine tulle over the threads to stabilise them.
You can go multicoloured,or get artistically picky and stick to shades of one colour.

Another friend,LynH scurries around during our workshops,"liberating" tiny scraps of fabric that have a heat fusible backing:
these she uses as required when she wants a confetti effect,instead of needing to mutilate good fabric for the purpose!

Now those of you with younger children underfoot...there's a fun chore for them: picking up and saving "treasures for Mum" and helping tidy up without realising!

Friday, September 29, 2006

My head is spinning......


Over the complimentary things Linda of I love craft and craftblogs wrote of this blog and my Kurliskottage blog.
I'd read what Linda had blogged about 'our Julia' but never dreamed I'd get similar treatment.
I don't desreve it,but I'll gratefully accept it,thank you Linda! :-)
And do go and visit her blog and'll pick up all sorts of cool crafty tips and links.

And my friend belle's great Jester card is featured too!

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 42


Paper piecing
Have you thought of using paper foundation piecing for constructing your postcard?
I haven't mentioned it before because I have not mastered it myself.
But talking of swapping postcards with Katie of and the draft of a sunset she sent me, made me think "Why not?"

So please,if you have any tips to share please do!

Some things I do know about paper foundation piecing are
1.. to use a very small stitch length
2..Trace or photocopy your pattern,and then using a threadless machine stitch along the lines.
3..Follow the number sequence on the pattern and start with piece #1 wrong side up on your cutting board;then place your pattern (facing upwards)over the #1 fabric piece.
Centre pattern over fabric with a generous seam allowance all round.
Although you can use small pieces and not worry about grain,use a piece that is at least 3/4 inch larger all round than is required.
The rest is a flip and sew and trim method..........
The external Link should explain far more clearly than me........go to it!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 41


Only today's post refers to ATCs (Artists' Trading cards for the uninitiated) rather than Postcards
(PCs are 6x 4 inches dimension----ATCs are 2.5 by 3.5 inches.)

Back about August 9 on one of my other blogs CQCRAZY (
I showed my first ATC made with a (Japanese) Haiku theme/interpretation.
Today's mail delivered four ATCs to me as the result of a Swap hosted by DianaB of Australia_NZ_Artquilters group.
Each card came from a different fabric and fibre artist,and interpreted a Haiku chosen by each has given me a wonderful insight into how other interpret and translate another's "thoughts" into fabric and fibre.

The four lower (orange) cards were my efforts for the Swap:
I used the same Obi fabric in the four cards,and chose to interpret two Haiku.
Because in 'things Japanese'I believe that 'less is more'I tried to remain minimalistic in my interpretation. Posted by Picasa

Yesterday' s post correction

Once again my apologies for confusing you all;
You may have guessed that I'm radically "Link/HTML challenged;
For some reason my external links work by clicking on the blog of the day title!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 40


I found an item of interest over on Cramzy's blog concerning an upcoming event in Lugano,Switzerland in June 1-3,2007.
Apart from it being the first Quilt festival in Switzerland,they are hoping for postcards to be donated for fundraising for "Vivere come prima" Society ('Living as before') a Swiss society for women after breast cancer.

Sign your card on the back with a pigma pen,showing your name,city and country;
The title and date of your postcard
Put your card(s) in envelope and address to:

Bea Bernasconi
Via Navree 5, CH-6964
Davesco-Soragno (for names A-L) email for info:

for names M-Z, send to:
Marlis Egger,
Via Nava 16 C,
CH- 6963 Pregassona


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 40


Recycling !!
What about recycling the labels you cut off your clothing?
The colours and company names can make for an interesting "collection" for a fashionista friend.

Then again,those garment/fabric care labels removed from clothing and manchester could be used in a similar fashion.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Carnival mask


This gold carnival mask arrived from LindaM in Western Australia today.

Like Belle's Jester,I think Linda's card took a vacation to enjoy the Spring wildflowers on the way here!

It is a gold mask with handle like a lorgnette on a black background and metallic fibres form a colourful frame.
Over all is a layer of fine tulle keeping the fibres in position.

Simply elegant.
Thank you Linda! Posted by Picasa

Fabric 'n fibre postcards: Day 39

Because my brain is still in meltdown after seeing those 100 artworks at Gallery 159 yesterday,today's message is brief:

Bobbin thread:
I use a cone of clear 100% Nylon or "Wonder Invisible thread" made by YLI Corp. in my bobbin.
As I stitch on the design side before sandwiching my card layers,the bobbin thread doesn't show through.
I also have (Janone) bobbinfil in white and black,but find the clear to my preference.
And when I satin stitch the edges,no contrary colours appear.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fabric postcards: Day 38


NO Postcards today, but these eye candies instead!
Slightly larger than postcards,these beauties are in a 12 inch square format.

Today I visited "Up Over and Down Under". an international textile art Exhibition.
It is a collaborative exhibition of 100 artworks by the "Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association" and the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh,USA.

I was blown away by the varied forms of textile art........the exhibition was excellent.
As today was the last day for the Brisbane showing,I urge anyone who can manage it,to visit when it opens in the Orange Regional Gallery Orange NSW between October 20 and Nov 19.

The six works depicted here are by Kay Haerland Margaret Bullock
Marj Long Leslie & Tanya Calhoun
Sharyn Hall , Gloria Allport

(At least that is what my notes said!)
I have to wait a while before I can get a colour catalogue mailed to me...

The exhibition covered a most diverse field of textile art:
From silk fusion,mulberry paper,felted vessels;beading; Gesso stiffened manipulated muslin;weaving ....the list goes on!

It is so difficult to decide on a favourite:Dewi Wong's "night out on the Town" with bobbin lace,copper wire,silk,cotton and metallic thread is one:

Another would have to be
silk screen image and poem hand stitched machine digitsed.and Etching on Perspex;

Gloria Muddle's "Fanfare" with fabric,lace,handmade paper,metallic fibres,beads and jewellery findings was a Mandala of Celebration I'd dearly like to emulate.
I could go on and on,but.......
three cats and one husband are proclaiming how hungry they are! Posted by Picasa