Saturday, December 10, 2005

CQ Crazy: Work in progress

CQ Crazy: Work in progress

Front and rear

This shows the front and rear joined together;
I'm not doing any embellishing on the rear portion.
I must keep some of this fabric aside for my journal quilt projects for 2006 as I feel it has possibilities for landscapes. Posted by Picasa

Another work in Progress


It's time to construct something smaller.....and easier on the hands than re-cycled denim!
This is one of three I currently have under construction and I'm using some kimono offcuts. Posted by Picasa



Doesn't her coat look like a fur seal!
Possum is cursed with two coats,both of which are very thick and in this climate,most uncomfortable I reckon,as the shedded outer coat matts and tangles faster than I can brush it out.
She's due again for another clipping,but before I do that I must update the albuim with a pic.The one included here was taken late January after a visit to "Doggie hair Dooz" Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 08, 2005



Don't laugh at me,laugh with me!
I finally managed to get Chief-ten-bears link into my side bar!!
Who says (that) you can't teach an old dog new tricks!!
All I have to do now,is to sort out the mad woman's breakfast that I've reduced my CQCrazy blog to.(
Yeah yeah,BAD grammar)

You've got mail!

One thing about my internet connection is the thrill of receiving "something" via the postie:
Yesterday,my thrill was receiving a tote bag and button from Joyce
(aka Chief-ten-bears) ........and I must take a pic and share it with you too!
Today I opened a NZ franked envelope and found this ATC from Evie!
Evie knows I want to try my skills at ATCs next year,hence the gorgeous card
(my photographic skills don't do it justice,SORRY!)and a blow by blow description of how she made it.
Between polymer clay faces,angelina fibres,heat life has changed since Evie entered it.
Thanks a bunch,Evie! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More than one way........

To skin a bear.
Or in this case,feature the URL!! Posted by Picasa

Chief Ten Bears


The postie has been,and today there was a parcel from Chief Ten Bears in Whistler,Canada.
Joyce said that she'd give me a totebag featuring her "ten-bears.blogspot" label if I linked her Blog with mine.
I still haven't got the linking in the sidebar right,yet.But I will!!
In the meantime,go visit with her and see her mossy roof and the chimney cleaner at work.
Oh! did I mention the bears?

Some eye candy


Haven't got much time to blog today..
cakes in oven;
Windows need cleaning----read this as an excuse to cool off!
It's about 32 deg C at the moment,my rainwater tanks are full so I don't feel so guilty about doing all the windows.The downside is that all our (wild) bird visitors can't see "clean windows" and tend to have a few collisions,but luckily no fatalities result.

In the meantime,do check out the Link included for Christina Pirnie's work and her whimsical cat-fish!