Thursday, June 28, 2007

Colour me Brown

Using the brown felted piece made yesterday I made these two postcard sized pieces.

Over on Needlefelt_Challenge group,the current challenge is BROWN, so this is to fulfill my part.
The upper card has some brown silk fabric needlefelted to the base felt.The paisley print on the right hand scrap I avoided with the needles to preserve its integrity.

The orange type flowers are deconstructed dyed silk rods with doll buttons added as an extra texture;the vine leaves were couched into position.
The lower card has similar elements: parts of the silk rods and couched (down) brown knitting yarn and more of the vine leaves.
I'm thinking of using the remainder of the felted piece for a small embellished purse or bag.

Now to let Myfanwy over at Nuvo Felt Blog,and the Needlefelt_Challenge group know that I've completed another Challenge!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yesterday's piece

Our group "Embellisher_Art_Squares" has set RED for it's first swap.

The Art squares are to measure 1.5 inches......less fiddly than the one inch squares!
So,first I needed to make a piece of felt.

Using a square of Dissolve4X,I used the only red I had which was in a spiral dyed wool top called Lorikeet.

Here is the final result,after the needle felted wool had its cold water bath to dissolve the stabiliser.
The dark marks are where the odd fibres of very dark blue snuck in;

I also used some Glitz fibre (I'd purchased from my favourite Ebay seller)just to add a hint of 'bling.'
Now,to see if the maths is correct and I can cut 25 squares from the piece..............

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Today's effort..

Once again I had time to use my Janome Xpression.

This time,using a piece of DISSOLVE 4X ,I planned on a piece that (I hoped) will end up roughly 18 by 10 inches when the stabiliser has been dissolved.

I thought that by using my fawn corriedale wool tops I should finish with a felted piece suitable for background in A4 sized quilts,or even for postcards.

Along the way,I got bored with the sameness and decided to play by adding whisps of colour and some Autumn Glitz to add a little sparkle.

This piece has not been 'bathed' as yet,but if it performs as well as yesterday's red piece,I'll be happy with the result.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

You've got Mail!

"From one place
Many paths lead
Some are colorful
Some have loops
Some are joyous
Some return you to where you began
But,all paths add to your experience
And change the way you see things"

These words could be describing the upper card,they could also summarise life in general.
The top card (with this message) came to me from Denise S via a swap on the Embellisher_Art_Postcard group!

The second card is from Sandra in Florida and is part of the Artcards group 29 swap.
Sandra's message is a "Study of Angles
Your choice!"

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The FAT lady has sung

From the piecing of fabrics (the first photo)
to the completed dolls.

Yes,I'm aware that one is missing from the group,but she needs to travel before being unveiled.
As you can see,I've used two different sized face molds........I've been trying to decide which size fits the shape best.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007


I went out to the back of the house this morning to gloat over my new stencilled concrete slab,and this is what I found.............
A distinct variation in the colour!
We had a light shower of rain during the night,and the change in colour marks the difference between being under cover and being exposed.

To say "Not happy Jan" is putting it mildly..........
I wonder what excuse they'll attempt to fob me off with.
(I'll keep you updated)

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