Sunday, January 14, 2007

Second Anniversary

Would you believe!
I missed the second anniversary of KenMaursCorner...........January 7, 2005 .

"Life" has been so hectic with the upcoming move:
soul searching over what to keep and what to discard-----
commencing packing the important things..........fabrics,fibres etc
Escorting Ken to his various medical appointments
and starting to plan how to decorate our new home---------

that January 7 slipped under the radar!

What have I accomplished in two years of blogging?

Firstly: the wonderful people I now have regular contact with! Thank you all for your friendship,help and encouragement.

Secondly: (red face time) I really dont think that my blogging skills have improved as much as I hoped they would.
(I'm definitely leaving the switch over to the newer blog format until after we have relocated,when just maybe I might be able to think more clearly.)

UFOs........more have been added to the pile instead of lessening!
Blame that on dabbling in Journal quilts and fabric postcards,
AND.......joining Fibre Art Traders ,
Needle felting and several other similar groups.

Still I did get five journal quilts completed and forwarded for inclusion in the Aus_NZ_Artquilters display that will be part of the AQC in Melbourne next month.

Enough already!
Happy anniversary to me and KenMaursCorner!