Saturday, March 22, 2008

An hour later

Let the sunshine in!
The back and side gardens: after I attacked the Rosellas.

In the lower photo you can see the pile of plants after the hair cut!

Tomorrow,hopefully I'll have time to prepare the pods for jam making.

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How does your garden grow?

Last year,about May 1,I blogged pics of the state of the "garden".....

Today ,Saturday March 22, 2008 this is how it looks :

Photo 1: is the view along the back of the house;the jungle nearest the house wall are the Rosella plants I planted as seedlings last November.
I have just picked another bucketful of Rosella fruit for jam making,so these will be removed very shortly.

Photo 2 My pot of Cooktown Orchid is covered in buds. I'm hoping the present plague of grasshoppers don't have it for dessert.

Photo 3 : Taken from near the Orchid pot and looking northwards,you can see the shady part of the garden,with Cordylines;Acanthus, Syngonium;
Cardwell lily,native Ginger Golden cane palms and Iris.

Photo 4: Is what my neighbour refers to as "the day of the triffids"...
where the rosella and the Lab-lab beans have turned feral !
(You wouldn't think there had been a severe pruning here about three weeks ago would you!)

Well,it's time to be ruthless and remove the rosella and again trim back the bean plants.
In all the years I've grown Rosella it's the first time I've had them grow to the house gutter height.........what's that! Over two metres.I must have fed them too well.
Anyway,with summer heat hopefully finished,the plants hiding behind all that shelter can venture out again.

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