Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 50


I've just been doing a tally of the cards I've received in the last three months---
FIFTY and still counting!
So I guess that means I've mailed out over 50 myself.
Like the journal quilts I'm attempting,the smaller format generally means that a project gets completed.
In the case of fabric/fibre cards,it's not as deflating to the ego when a plan does not work simply because of the size and amount of fabric and fibre involved in a 6x4 inch as compared with a largeish quilt.
I also find the 6x4s a great way to try out new procedures.

Well,visitors have arrived.........I may be back later!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 49

I hate Fridays!

Because I have to wait for two more days
before another mail delivery!

If I didn't know better,I'd think that Judy had planned for this "batty card" to arrive after the recent "Crystal Ball Swap" and before October 31!

J has used a paper foundation piecing method for constructing the bat:
(my daughter in law insists that it's origami;but I'll brainwash her into P&Q terminology eventually)

Back to the bat:
a mottled black fabric has been used,and an orange fabric with gold highlighting and red meandering lines throws the bat into sharp relief.
J has then 'framed' the bat with a fabric featuring gold cobwebs and red spiders.
The reverse/address side has been printed out on fabric.

Thank you,my "batty friend" for sharing your work with me! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I see..........

These are the three Crystal -ball themed cards I received from my partners in the recent Fiber Arts Traders Swap.

From left to right we have:"I see lots of mailable art in your future" from Normajean in CT;
(how cool is that hennaed hand!)

The central card is from Ellen in AZ;She sees "a celebration in my future"
(would you dare disagree with that scary lady? I wouldn't)

And last but not least,Judith in the UK sees "many PCs coming my way"
and look at the pen and ink sketch of Whitby Abbey.

As I said earlier today,this has been a fun theme to pursue,particularly because when the theme was announced I had no idea "where" or "how" to start. Posted by Picasa

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 48

These are three postcards I sent out for the FATs "Crystal Ball Swap!

The top one went to Judith in the UK ( I see stars) and features A butterfly and star sequins against a background of Angelina fibres.,and I stitched hand outlines each side of the ball.

The other two I incorporated Australian stamps with star sequins,glitter and some Angelina to produce "I see Mail" and
"I see a cat in your future".
(People who know me fairly well know to expect a cat somewhere in my projects)

One thing I did learn with the 'crystal' balls was that two layers of plastic/vinyl made life easier!
By sandwiching the contents of the balls between two layers of plastic it was easier to achieve a shaker effect than by sandwiching the contents between fabric and plastic.

This was a
fun swap that caused me to move outside my comfort zone.
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fabric and Fibre Postcards: Day 47

At last....on to the last couple of days of Postcard blogging!
It's been an interesting time for me,if for no other reason that I have had to make a daily posting on the same theme.

Now,can you come up with helpful suggestions please ?

After participating in the recent ATC Haiku themed swap over on Aus_NZ_Artquilters, I'm wondering if something similar could be successfully done with Postcards!

I can visualise the backing, as per the 'normal' fabric postcard,being anchored only on three sides(the two 6 " and one 4")
but how could an insert be contained,unless the card was mailed in a clear cellophane envelope?

Also,if there is an insert (even if it's only a small sheet of paper) will the postal authorities deem it to be a letter rather than a card?

I'm looking forward to asking the local (patient and helpful) Post Office staff and seeing their reaction.
I guess I better make a card first,so they can see what I mean.

It's all Jo's fault!


It all gets back to Jo introducing Julia of Camille's Place and me to Linda(

Linda apparently tagged Julia creative ,who tagged Jo,
you guessed it!
Wants me to name FIVE WEIRD things about myself!

1.. Start with my car rego: FWL (Fairly weird lady") How weird is that!
2..My car sports a broomstick riding witch sticker on the rear window.(How weird is that!
3..I regularly talk with myself.......mainly discussing if my current project is proceeding "right"
4..That I'm actually responding to Jo's tagging! WEIRD!!
5..The time I spend at the computer! Totally WEIRD!

And,no I'm notgoing to tag anyone...........
how weird is that!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day46

The things that land in my letter-box!!

Ellen in AZ was another swap partner in the FATs"Crystal Ball" swap and this card arrived from her today!

Ellen's seer visualises a celebration in my future!
( Trust me,I won't dispute the issue.)

Ellen has printed the scene on fabric,then by using a circular piece of vinyl she has enclosed package,stars and balloon sequins within the ball;
She then fussy cut the ball gazer's hands and positioned them over and around the crystal ball.
A fringe of navy blue fibre frames the scene,and to keep the fringe intact and safe from postal machinery,the card was mailed in one of my favourite see-through envelopes. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fabric & fibre Postcards: Day 45

No hints,tips or suggestions today,but some eye candy from Gunnel in Sweden,
Jo in N.S.W.,and
Judith in the UK !

These three cards arrived today and each has a different them and treatment:

Gunnel's card appears to me to be a type of confetti of threads fibres behind a type of crystal Organza which has an overpainting in places with a metallic or pearlescent paint;She has then embroidered two skeleton leaves and added seed beads and random stitching in aqua and lemon.

Next comes a Carnival Mask from JoS in NSW.We were Swap partners in a Carnival themed postcard swap....well,I sent her one,and was happily surprised to receive this in return!
Jo has appliqued a mask and embellished around it with eyelash yarn and gold thread;and I like to think those are firework exploding in the background!
But oh....check out the neat binding and it's mitred corners!

Last but not least,a Crysatl Ball swap through Fibre Art Traders (lovingly referred to as FAT!!)

Judith in the UK sent me this "ball" containing a Cathedral by night and bats and stars in a "shaker" like a snow storm ball.
The ball itself seems to be floating on a wave.....see the Light house? and a gull hovers nearby.
Judith's prediction of seeing many PCs coming my way,was certainly true today!

Thank-you Gunnel,Jo and Judith,I love them all! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 44

Window Template :
A tool I use regularly with my Crazy Quilting is a "window template"
or viewing tool.
In the case of fabric postcards the template window measures 6 by 4 inches and is cut from a piece of matt board.
(I normally use black card for this but as its gone walkabout at the moment ,the grey will do to illustrate its purpose!

Initially make your postcard / fabric block larger than required....e.g 5 by 7 inches instead of your finished 6x4 size.
Having made your 5x7 fabirc postcard,place your template over it to decide where is the best area of the design.

Hint: If you use an A4 sized cardstock,you will be able to to make two template windows by first cutting the stock in half and cutting the 6x4 window in the centre of the resulting 5 and a half by 8 and a half inch pieces. Posted by Picasa