Saturday, May 12, 2012

{Pen's workshop

 Today was spent (AGAIN) auditioning fabrics!
I realised that this could happen 'ad nauseum' so I promised myself that this quilt would be what Pen intended it to be: a LEARNING experience!

I know now, that I would never use a piece of WHITE damask! Too stark.
And maybe, if I use the brocade again, I need something more than the striped fabric as a counter point.

I am not used to employing muted colours, and this workshop has re inforced that to me.
BUT! I need try new scenarios.... New colourways..
Not stay with "tried and true"!

The next few days I will try out some metallic threads..........whether they will be GOLD (metallic) or coloured?
At this stage, I have no idea!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Returning to Crazy: A W.i.P.

Since taking delivery of a new Ott lite, I am able to once again enjoy stitching at night.
By day,I can enjoy machine work: as shown in my earlier blogging today,
and by night, I can keep "half an eye" on TV (if there is anything worth watching) and enjoy doing hand work.

I have lived in this house for just over five years, and I'm so happy to have good lighting to allow me do stitching by night
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A work in progress

 Despite my cutting some pieces to incorrect dimensions, my machine embroidered and rusted fabric wall hanging is slowly taking shape.
Being unhappy with the original choice of fabrics, I still tend to audition other fabrics:
At the moment, this is the current choices. Next will be the gold fabric "marrying" the three modules.

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