Friday, February 03, 2006

Give yourself permission to fail!

In an article by Maxine Farkas in Issue10 (Summer 2003) of the Quilting Arts magazine I found that her comments of

"First,give yourself permission to fail"
were relevent.
The best way to learn tecnique is simply to practice and experiment.Not every art quilt you make will be a masterpiece.

And that is why you will be assaulted with my trials and errors:
because I have given myself permission to fail,and I'm going to have fun doing it!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another trial run

This mess was another trial run:
A few weeks back on January 11,I played with a prepared artist's board,bits 'n pieces of braid and lace and Lumiere paints.

I got to wondering how prepared canvas pages would work as post cards,so yesterday I found out:
I can get four (nearly) 6x4 inch rectangles from a page.I used PVA craft glue to adhere the bits to the canvas;Gave the whole a coating of Lumiere #554 Sunset Gold and then tried out Halo Blue gold(yuk) and pearlescent magenta on various bits.
Next time I'll try the quilters spray as adhesive.
Now to determine how the machine stitches on the canvas. Posted by Picasa


Yesterday I tried out a few tecniques in post card format.
As I'm involved in a "one a month" (Art) journal quilt I thought I'd try out my ideas in a smaller format to see if they would work;
I hope to continue with my theme of the Murray River,and this month I wanted to look at the blue-green algal blooms that generally occur with summer heat and poor river flow.
Having just acquired some Angelina fibres I wanted to try blending them with silk tops already in my stash:

So the upper pic is my interpretation of blue-green algal blooms;
The lower pic was a bit of a play:
Trash bag or confetti quilting with a lace motif painted in Lumiere paints and the leaf an (Ozecraft) dye.
All good fun and fairly satisfactory

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bag for Kaz

This is the bag I made for Carol.
There are the remains of two others on the cutting room floor.....ideas I wasn't happy with.Today I finished another little one for Kaz..........but i don't know if she wants to see it in advance ,or get a surprise in the mail!
Kaz?? Posted by Picasa

Kaz's sewing basket

This is what I received in a Bag Swap from Kaz(aka CarolJ)
Kaz knew that I was addicted to embroidery,beingn hooked on Crazy she made this basket!It's circular and has four compartments around the sides.There aRE Prairie points around the circumference and on the handle
AND there is a lovely circular (pin)cushion inside.
Lovely soft vcolours in the fabrics.
Kaz I love it and it will get used! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

Yummy yarn

These five skeins of recycled (sari) silk yarn were just delivered to me!
I'm going to have FUN working with these and some silk tops I purchased from Elaine a few months back.
She has the most interesting yarns and fibres which she spins and dyes for sale on her site Highland-Cottage-Crafts
I'm sure she'd like to to pop in for a peek at her goodies! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cat in the hat comes back


Red Hats luncheon January 25.I hadn't had enough time to hem my purple top and thought (that) I'd be cooler in green cotton rather than in purple polyester.
(Poiple polyester!! the mind boggles!! Posted by Picasa