Saturday, August 26, 2006 goddess


Art doll? Goddess?
Who knows?
This pink confection is a WiP,following on from my Needle felting workshop with Rita Weisse a couple of weekends ago.
I want to add more beads and possibly fancy yarns to dress her up a little before declaring her finished....although with that headpiece she already puts me in mind of Carmen Miranda!

I'm still 'looking' at Mrs Hobbit and wondering whether quadruple amputations on hands and feet might save her.........I doubt it.
Maybe the colour is off-putting! I just can't work up the enthusiasm to subject her to cosmetic surgery;
so I'm beginning to think mrs 'obbit will remain unfinished business. Posted by Picasa

Day 10......fractured landscape's Crazy quilted but I like calling it fractured.

But the point of today's posting was how handy my Clover mini- iron was in constructing this card!

I've owned a Clover mini iron for some time,but tend to forget to use it!

It's great for cotton fabrics,but because most of my CQed pieces feature "after-five" or delicate fabrics,and ...
I forget to use a delicate/lower setting and so I bake more than I press.

As this set of cards was mainly cottons,card making was too easy!

p.s if you're interested the photo is one of the many beautiful bays on Fraser Island. Posted by Picasa

Women who Blog


I joined the ranks of the “Women of Blogland” as listed in the new magazine “Quilter’s Home, For the New Generation of Quilters”.

An email today from Gina Halliday informed me that I'd been mentioned in the current issue of "Quilters Home" ,editor Mark Lipinski of Pickle Road Studios.

I've been waiting since last May to find out if I'd been included in the listings,and I still can't find a copy of the mag!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Day Nine....F'n f postcards


Take one fussy-cut cat,add a tatted butterfly painted with Lumiere and a short length of knitting yarn.
There is no need to go wild with embellishments;sometimes keeping 'it' simple works well. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 8 FnF Postcards


Xpandaprint, is a thick creamy medium that expands when heated.
It can be applied by brush,roller,sponge or spatula.
It's non toxic and comes in black or white;I use white because it's easier to mix colours into it rather than black;But I mainly paint afterthe heat curing process.

So far I've used Xpandaprint in postcards and art journal quilts by building up the required shape with an artist's spatula and other finer implements(skewers, satay sticks)
The post cards featured today were both for the theme "Pandora's Box"...
The first one I had in mind to depict an actual box shape;
The second one should really be titled "Pandora's bed"!

There was a really good article in the Spring (#6) issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine:

the workshop.....EXPLORING Xpandaprint

Eight different mehtods and directions plus photographic samples were a great help to me for expanding(no pun intended) my crafting horizons. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 7 f'nf postcards

NeedlefeltingThe upper postcard was sent to me from Emmy S in the Nederlands;
At the time I had expressed an interest in needle felting, and had no idea of what n/f actually looked like---so Emmy kindly sent me the card she had embellished with an embellishing machine.

A couple of months later,Belle mailed this gem .... a frangipani flower to me!
This was done by needle!
Isn't it perfect! even has a drop of dew on one of the petals. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 6 FnF Postcards

An easy one today!
Using a plastic template over a light Tan quilters cotton,I used my favourite paints....Lumiere metallics to stencil the butterfly.

I then shadow quilted the butterfly outline with a gold thread.

This card is now in my youngest Grand-daughter's collection Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 21, 2006

Day 5 F'nF Postcards


Another method of representing a Landscape:
Using Vlisoflex( fusible backing) and various fabrics to represent the landscape....
The first one had whole cloth lace for clouds and silk (kimono) offcuts for mountains,with a multi dyed cotton for the stormy sky.

The lower card used commercial quilters fabric for the mountain;again the silk for foliage,and blue homespun for sky. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Day 4 fnf Postcards

Receiving this card from Vivian K made me realize that printing photos on fabric could be acceptable for cards.
The pic is of the Golden Ears Mountains in BC and is enhanced with metallic as well as 'normal' thread quilting Posted by Picasa