Sunday, February 19, 2012

More "By the light of the moon"


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By the light of the moon


There are Blue moons, silvery moons and Harvest moons!
The theme "by the light of the moon" makes me think of all three.
Can you remember "Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone......."
or "By the light of the silvery moon....." ???

Yes! I know it shows my age, but that's my prerogative!
Anyway, I decided to have fun and play with moons.....

The various items I used, and not necessarily in the right order, involved Tyvektek medium weight, Lumiere pearlex and metallic paints, blue organza,Angelina fibres and Angelina film AND a heat gun. I thought I got some interesting results for my blue moons.

For the Silvery moon I once again used the Tyvektek,Lumiere paints, the trusty heat gun and a layer of black bridal tulle.

Finally, the Harvest moons. Full apricot glowing balls! Apricot dyed homespun, golden orange nylon organza and in some cases an overlay of black tulle.

And what goes with blue moons? A dingo howling, a cat meditating,a blue moon rising behind a hill.........

Harvest moons: Full moon rising ; silhouette of animal or hillside......

Ok. My dingo in "blue moon" wasn't as precise as I hoped his outline would be, but when a friend dropped by today and saw my cat meditating cards, she reckoned that I had Sam's silhouette "perfect".

I had fun making the cards, and I hope my friends in Postmark'dArt enjoy them when they arrive

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