Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fabric 'n fibre Postcards: Day 30


My first crystal ball!
"I see a cat in your future..................."

Initially,I was not going to participate in the Crystal ball swap over on FiberArtsTraders,
but after seeing some of the 'balls' the members had made,like Helen on Quilts & ATCs I decided to give it a go.
The crystal ball was cut from the plastic sleeve of a display book,which was imposed over a layer of Angelina,some loose sequins and a cat stamp.
The ball stand is just a quilters cotton the tones with the colour on the stamp.
I have yet to 'tidy' the card edges. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006

1001 Journals


Back early this year I joined a yahoo group known as 1001 Journals;
Sadly I fell along the wayside and have not fulfilled my committment to the group...maybe there's still a chance to redeem myself!

Anyway,this artwork arrived in today's mail from Susan L in Germany.
Measuring about seven inches long and three inches at the hips,I'm not sure whether the queen of hearts is c[referred to as a doll,a journal or 'just' artwork.
Whatever label she's given,I'm appreciative of Susan's kindness. Posted by Picasa

Fabric 'n fibre Postcards: Day 29


I'm beginning to think that I should have labelled this series of blog entries:
What the postie brought!
rather than 50 days of postcards

Today I finally received, via Linda in Texas ,a copy of Franki Kohler's book

"fast fun & easy FABRIC POSTCARDS" which was released in the USA by C&T publishing about mid May this year, it's been well worth the wait!

Forty eight pages of easy to understand suggestions with clear diagrams and photos,the book includes how -tos for Angelina fibre,printing on fabric;photo printing;collage;embroidery.
Must go try some out!

ps. The book is available in's advertised in a current mail order catalogue at $34.95,which I think is a bit "steep" for only 48 pages in a soft cover. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fabric 'n fibre Postcards: Day 28


Yesterday's mail brought this from Darlenein NH.
I received it in a swap organised by FiberArtsPostCards

The card has a motif stencilled with an opaque fabric paint and highlighted with silver quilting to emphasize it's shape.
It's the first card I've received that has the fabric which has been used for the body of the card also used as an edging.

On the reverse side of the card is printeda Geisha type lady Posted by Picasa

CQ Crazy: Hope's fairy garden

CQ Crazy: Hope's fairy garden

A close up


I thought I'd add a close-up view of the button and bead trail:
Okay! the beads are plastic,but I've tried to use tonings to blend with the rest of the block,and not be too "in your face".
Hope can always remove them if she's not happy.
On some of the buttons I've stitched Delica beads as flower centres to (partly) hide the button holes.. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fabric 'n fibre postcards: Day 27

This little beauty arrived today from my friend Margaret!

The theme of the swap was "Me" or more specifically:
When "I" meets "me"

There are two parts to the card: One is Margaret's description of herself as a housewife,and the other displays a glamourous lady ( "Me in the land of dreams.)
Machine embroidery separates her two selves, and a dainty frame work of confetti frames both segments,and is contained by crystal organza.

On the reverse side of the card is a print of a child and a puppy;the child is wearing what appears to be a hat in the Welsh style.
And as M is of Welsh origin,I think I can be forgiven if I've interpreted it wrongly. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fabric n fibre PCs Day 26

A crane
Shading in the evening twilight
Trails its smokelike wings.

A group of Tsuru (cranes) fly over a frozen lake.
I tried a little FME for this card.

I need a few more Japanese themed ATCs,so tomorrow's blogging may be "mini cards" Posted by Picasa

Fabric ' fibre Postcards: Day 26


I shouldn't really blog this card because it has so many faults.........and they're not just photographic editing faults either!

I should have used only greys and a touch of black for the embroidery to maintain the atmosphere created by the white silk.
There are crystal beads and Angelina fibre uused to represent the hail stones and over all,white tulle to hold the Angelina fibres in postion.
Maybe I should have used silver thread for quilting.......
I think I failed in representing
Evening hailstones
Beat branches.
Their whiteness.

Here's hoping my crane turns out better. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fabric 'n fibre postcards


The best laid plans of this woman frequently go astray!

Events conspired to prevent me accomplishing my targets for today.
Consequently,this is all I have to show for one of my Haiku postcards:

I ended up de-constructing a child's kimono because it was white with a Chrysanthemum motif woven through it and I thought I could use it to represent an icy
I've used back stitch for the hills outlines,and chain stitch and back stitch for the tree(s) branches.
Hopefully,I'll accomplish more tonight.
I have to admit: I get better results with the camera!

Then tomorrow,I may work out WHY my printer is "on strike".
Of course,the fact that a fabric sheet carrier jammed the works this morning would have nothingto do with it...............! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another reason for......


......making postcards:
Follow the link to MaureenG's Tangled Threads
and see her beautiful cards.

CQ Crazy: ATC with Japanese/haiku theme

CQ Crazy: ATC with Japanese/haiku theme

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 25


By now,you've porobably checked out the link (in my previous posting) to CQCrazy,where I commented on my first attempts at ATC construction.

ATCs or Artist TradingCards are the size of a business card (2.5 by 3.5 inches) and are made for swapping,and not for sale.

My first attempts at these were for a Japanese themed haiku, and research into the masters Basho;
Suju Takano ,and others ,
has prompted me to choose a couple of Haiku that appealed to me,
and then to construct a Postcard to try to interpret the words.

Consequently today you will only see the verses I have chosen:

A crane
Shading in the evening twilight
Trails its smokelike wings. (Kakio Tomizawa)

Evening hailstones
Beat branches.
Their whiteness. (Suju Takano)

I leave you to visualise for yourselves an interpretation,and hope you return visit to see what I do.