Monday, July 18, 2005

Playing "catch-up"

The last two weeks have been rather higgledy piggledy!
My boy,Bill (aka Pavarotti for his tenor purr) has been quite ill, and needless to say he's been getting most of my attention.
In the odd moments I've been working on MaxineJ's Fans for the RR and trying out differing versions of fans on the four blocks.When I do a little more,I'll scan them and add to the Blog!
As well as the fans RR I've been tearing my hair out(,figuratively :-) only,as to what to add to EvieH's CQ block:
it looks like I'll be embellishing seam lines mainly,as the two blocks done so far are pretty powerful and eye grabbing and too much of a larger theme will distract from the overall effect of the rich fabrics she has used!
I've also completed one Redwork block (with another to follow) for a surprise birthday quilt being made by a small group of us for a special pics of that until Late October when xxx has received the gift!
Finally,I've been indulging myself.....having fun embellishing my second Bra "Summertime"!
I chose to work on the Beach for my summer theme,and have had great fun playing with tricot fabric to get a wave effect,and then have dolphins,fish, etc playing in the depths!
The various charms,beads and trims I received in the Ocean Swap on southerncrosscrazies have all come in very handy for allowing me more choice!

I still have the back panels and straps to complete,before I can make a start on Autumn and Winter,but as I still have the "Jocks for a cure" to tackle,I think the two remaining Bras will be relegated to a 2006 commencement date.

Now it's off to clear the decks/work table to make some sewing space!

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