Sunday, August 07, 2005

Entering Broadband Land:

At long last,I've been able to access Broadband.........NOW I have to learn not only how to use it successfully,but how to whip my Blog into a satisfactory format.

To the other extreme,regarding needlework,I've been playing the last week or so with Redwork and Bluework as I'm "between" receiving my next section of the CQ RRs I'm committed to.
I find the simplicity of R/W and B/W very relaxing........little or no thought process required once I've marked my naked block with the pattern required.
And on this theme,I venture to ask:
"When working Redwork,do you prefer a Pellon backing,or just the homespun with no backing at all?"
(I myself,prefer a pellon backing;but it seems quite a few,don't!Please let me know your opinion)
I must acknowledge my long suffering husband here, and THANK him for the great Lightbox he has just made for sure beats taping fabric and patterns to a sunny window!

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