Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Butterflies are a pain the a**


The previously pictured half complete butterfly is now complete--------and reposing in the scrap bag.(What a waste of time)
Having completed and cut it out ready for appliqueing I decided it was too big,too heavy,and NOT what I wanted!
Definitely NOT what I wanted!!

A couple of smaller ones(butterflies) have been drawn up for when I can get enthused again,but in the meantime........maybe some wool embroidery to add to the garden for my lonely butterfly.

I visited the local SPCA Op-shop today and found a pair of hardly worn Levi's for(wait for it!!) 50cents!
and in the current QC mag there's a couple of bag patterns,which lend themselves/shapes to a theme I have in off to the scissors,marking pencil and tracing paper to see if my idea is do-able!

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