Sunday, November 13, 2005

Shell ginger

We drive up to Tinbeerwah today to look at a property offered by Boystown as a Lifestyle Lottery.Forget about the house,the gardens were worth a visit though:
Down in the
back-yard" was this magificent Shell Ginger (Alpinia Speciosa).Already past it's blooming prime ,it was nevertheless a clump worth admiring:Over six foot tall,lovely glossy leaves and tall canes ,perfect in a sub tropical garden! Posted by Picasa


Zoanna said...

Maureen, set me straight here. Is your bloglink name Belle? I just wanted you to know that I replied to your kind message (if indeed you are Belle) that I'm grateful for your donation to B. H. in Texas, and I do take PayPal now that I've figured out how simple it is, and easy to trust.
If you want to donate to sponsor more bags, just send it to my paypal account:
Thanks! BTW, Have you seen the blog "25 Things for Charity'?
You'd probably love it.

Maureen said...

No,zoanna,I'm NOT belle,I'm also known as kurli.
If you visit the
you can leave a message there that belle will probably reply to.
Will check out the " blog in a jiff!25 things for charity"