Friday, June 17, 2005

Getting excited------

This time last year,we were recovering from an influx of visitors from Switzerland,New Zealand and Western Australia for our (only) daughter's wedding.
Tomorrow,Colleen and Pascal arrive back in Queensland--------indefinitely!
So,don't be surprised if KenmaursCorner,(and CQCrazy) languish for at least a week:there will be so much "catching -up" occurring.
This week has seen the postie deposit several CQ blocks in my mail box.
The one that appeals to me most,is from an 11 year old girl in Victoria-----Hello,Mary!
I met Mary's mum through a craft site,where we got involved in(surprise,surprise) a CQ Round Robin.
Then I learned that Mary would like to do a block.(Mary LOVES purple,cats and violins--though I'm not sure in which order)
Anyway Mary's block arrived this week,and I have so many ideas!!
Also this week I posted to the USA a couple of these were a steep learning curve(VBG) but more of them,

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