Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another project completed

Another project was completed today..........stress levels are lower as a result!

I wont reveal any details,because as yet as the recipient is (I hope) un aware of it.
Team members involved have seen the results and I've been overwhelmed with the support they gave to this project.
My sincere thanks to you all(you know who you are)

On a less optimistic note: I made a difficult decision today and removed myself from a group I have been a member of for five years.
I cannot and will not tolerate self opiniated bullies inflicting themselves on others.
I probably hurt myself more than I did them,but my conscience is clear.

Don't expect any frothiness for a while..............I'm going beach days to recharge my batteries.

Things I'm thankful for...........
A wonderful caring husband
Wonderful caring friends..........some of whom I'll probably never meet vis a vis.
One lady who has taught me to count my blessings out loud (Waves to D and Tigger)
Other friends who stood up and were counted!
May God/Allah/whoever Supreme Being you believe in..........bless you all


abeautifulcraft said...

You are muchly loved Maureen .... always remember that. Biggest huggles 'me'

Ribbonwiz said...

I'm with you Maureen..
Be true to thy self...
Big hugs..

Dawn said...

I hope and pray that the beach days bring you peace and contentment Maureen. Btw .... your many totes are wonderful! Looking forward to your return.