Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fractured seasons.......Postcards

As I mentioned yesterday My latest Postcard swap involved the theme "Seasons";I felt that my stitch enhanced photo PCs were a bit blah,so I decided to employ a CQ method and use colours/fabrics indicative of the seasons as I see them where I live.

Nothing startling........I'm getting used to machine work after many years of hand work.(So my edges aren't the best........sorry)
I also find that it is not a good idea to make cards too thick with embellishing,or be too lavish withthreads,laces,braids that run the danger of snagging and being wrecked by postal machinery,or a surcharge for being over width.
Because of this factor I tend to frequently place the stamped and hand cancelled PC in a cellophane envelope before handing the PC back to postal officials for the card to begin its travels!

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Calidore said...

Maureen these look fantastic. I never thought of using scenery in a postcard. Now I'm wondering Love the total effect - is that darker coloured tulle used over the top of the second photo? Very impressive.