Friday, July 28, 2006

Icy morning

As result of a "four seasons" Postcard swap,this striking fabric Postcard , "Icy Morning" by Ruth Nunn,arrived at my home this morning.
There would appear to be at least three layers of fabric forming the shadowy background,superimposed with snippets of silver and black & silver fabrics;covered with a (holographic?) metallic mesh and tulle netting,
and finally,the stark outline of the tree.

Unfortunately,there is a wee bit of damage,possibly caused by bulk mail sorting,but thankfully insufficient to detract from its general attractiveness.

(Do you get the impression that I love it!)
Thanks Ruth! Posted by Picasa


abeautifulcraft said...

You are spoilt Maureen, this is a beautiful card. I love your pot holders!!!!!!

Jo in NZ said...

Maureen , please tell me, how much embellishment do these postcard have that go thru the mail system. Do they have beading or SRE flowers?? Have you received any from overseas that aren't 'wrapped'?. I want to send one to my mum ( other side of Auckland ). Is it best to keep them as flat as possible, ie only stitching embellishment.
ps, I have no RR blocks at the mo, where are they up to?