Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mother Goose and Kodak

Mmm ! I guess that I can say I've finally had a win!
After an excessive amount of faffing around,I think I've won the battle of the download.
I'm the owner of a new Kodak zoom digital camera ,a P850...........and I've had all sorts of headaches learning how to transfer the pics from camera to computer.Seems I've finally (partly) sorted that out and here's Mother Goose to prove it. Posted by Picasa


Calidore said...

Very Nice Maureen and congrats on working out the camera. The end result was worth all that stuffing around...lol.

Margaret said...

Yes, very nice. Attic windows sets off the blocks beautifully.,

Jane said...

Lovely quilt! I really like how the squares create a shadow box effect, and the stitching is beautiful.

Di said...

What a lovely quilt. And, may I add, very well photographed - its taken me ages to work out my camera thingys!!