Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stamping & cancelling Postcards

The question below landed in my email Inbox this morning,and I thought it worth sharing:
One question, is it important that the postcard gets "cancelled" by the post office with that stamp thingy that says the date mailed and from where?  Meaning I would just mail it to be stamped all over. Or would you prefer it to come in a clear envelope (great idea I might add), so that the ink stamping is on the envelope and not the actual post card?  Also, did you ever get one that just went through as is and did it hold up--not tattered and torn?
So many questions re such a small thing (4x6), this is all new to me and I am wanting to learn all about it.

I hope I can  answer all your questions well enough D! 
Yes,please add a stamp and get it's a "true postcard "then!
So far in the last three months I've received and sent over 50 postcards.
Most I take to Post Office,get the stamp  'hand cancelled' then(standing at the counter still) I take it back from the clerk and slip the card into the clear envelope I hae with me,then give it back to the clerk serving me.
Probably over half cards I've received have come through the mail NAKED;
a few have been cancelled then put in ordinary envelopes,which to me is an unnecessary cost.!
A few(naked) cards have  had the barcode stamped on it,but some have also had a bar code strip on paper on it.
Only ONE has come in a USPS "Damaged goods" package and that was last week!
The lady had very wispy(Like eyelash knitting yarn) floating around edges that could or probably did tangle in sorting machinery....
If you're using WHITEonW or similar light fabrics,the clear envelope might be a good idea;
I use them because sometimes I have beading or loose yarns and its a bit of protection for the card.
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Helen in the UK said...

I love it when cards arrive 'naked' as I am always amazed at how well they travel in general. I've had a couple with small 'additions' from the postal service - a bit of bar code here or there. Sometimes though the clear envies are a blessing if your design takes you on a more dangly or lumpy route where the extra protection is both for the card and the machinery :)

Di said...

I too prefer cards to be 'naked'. I think that was the original idea - to make a fabric pc and send it through normal mail 'as is'. I agree that by using a see- through plastic envelope you are not constrained to doing something without embellishments (I am blown away by some of the absolutely stunning postcards people are doing with the most exquisite details). However, I have done and received 'naked' pcs with added seed beads, small sequins etc contained under a tulle covering. To conclude, I think it is purely a personal thing and I prefer 'naked' pc's (though a touch hypocritcally, I am not averse to receiving these little gems!!!!) and if I make more I will send them 'naked' as the day they were thought of!!!

Gunnels blog said...

Here in Sweden we have a problem. The postoffice is closed! You buy your stamps, and get your parcel in your nearst food shop. I can put my fabric postcard with a stamp in the postbox. But I couldn´t have a stamp on it, and then stop it in a plastic envelope, beacuse we had no clerk.
So I have to get my stamp on the envelope instead. But is thats so important??? I think the fabric postcard it selfs is more important.

Ribbonwiz said...

when you say plastic envelopes, are they the ones like we get the dreaded bills in...with the little clear window on them, or are they special ones that you buy just for the postcards.