Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Catch up time

Well,after two lovely FAMILY oriented days and absolute extremes of weather........
Christmas Day we sweltered in 35 degree Celcius and enjoyed (cold) prawns (Shrimps to our US cousins) Lobster/saltwater crayfish,salads,cold drinks and cold dessert,
Boxing Day (December 26) saw a climate change to cool weather.
Today in southeast Queensland has virtually qualified as the COLDEST December day in a century.........maximum here at Moodlu was 16 degree C (approx 64 deg Fah) and for a sub tropical area in SUMMER,that is cold!
Between the "cold" and the wet weather I have been able to catch up on a few committments,so now have ready for mailing my last 8 cards for the "Art2Mail group18" fabric Postcard swap and cards for Emmy (cramzy in the Nederlands) and Nellie in the USA.
I still owe Gerry in the USA and Helen in the UK an art meme swap,but at least my conscience isn't pricking so badly, and they WILL get theirs....eventually
Tomorrow we go off (again) to view some houses.............I didn't realise how difficult it was to find a reasonably 'young' low-set house close to the bayside of Moreton Bay on the Peninsula!

I have included pics of some of the postcards going out in tomorrow's mail.............but I'm not saying "which" goes "where"!
From top to bottom,is:
Pandora's Box/urn
Mystic Forest,and
The wrecks at Tangalooma.

Now,I'm off to enjoy a few chapters of a good book and listen to the gentle patter of RAIN on the roof...............'night all!


Frederique said...

Happy new year Maureen!

Helen in the UK said...

Love the new postcards. You mentioned owing me a meme, but I don't remember asking for or being promised one. Although if you're determined to send me one, I won't argue!!!!