Friday, December 15, 2006

Random acts of Kindness

This little "house hunting angel" arrived in my letter-box yesterday.
She was sent to me by a young friend in Victoria to assist in my/our hunt for a new home.
(after 22 years in this little patch of Paradise,age and health have forced a change)
Catherine's angel came with a note including love and prayers to find a new home.
The angel has her own special charms adorning her:

A heart you will love
A flower bead for a garden
A key for your new front door
A bird-house for the birds that will visit
A fish and shell for the ocean views you both want.
"Meow"-- for the cats that share your lives.

With wishes and blessings like those,we will surely discover a new dream.
Thank you Catherine,for caring

Those of you that have visited my blog "for a while" will appreciate how Catherine has covered the parts that make my "whole".
I can only hope that "one day" I get a chance to meet with Catherine in the flesh....she is special!

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Helen in the UK said...

What a lovely thought :)

Calidore said...

Of course one day we will meet.