Friday, January 26, 2007

Once a year Day!

Meet Possum, an elderly (about 15 years) overweight,sweet natured puss.
Because Poss has a very thick fur coat,which appears to have outer and inner layers so thick you can never find her skin,she has an annual visit to Mandy of Doggie Hair Dooz to make life more bearable.
I do attempt to help Poss by using a stripping brush,but it's not enough.

These are "after " shots! Mandy leaves the face,tail and paws relatively untouched to preserve Possum's dignity.
With Poss being such a sweet natured puss (luckily) no tranquillisers are used;
There is no hissy fitting,no yowling no display of unsheathed good is that!

And when today Mandy declared the cut to be complete,Possum ambled up to Mandy,nudged her on the chest and settled down leaning against her for a purr and a cuddle!

Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me,so no shot of that! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

very cool, and i bet old Possum is very appreciative.... next time Do please take the cmaera cause i would love to see Possum cuddling..she does look like a very zen cat!VBG