Sunday, March 11, 2007

ATCs for Cancer

"Breast and Ovarian Cancer are nasty insidious diseases that affect everyone.
We all know someone who has been diagnosed with one of these diseases.
This ATC swap is a fund raiser for the Cancer Council of NSW.
Funds raised will go directly towards research and treatment.Every cent raised will go directly to the Cancer Council"

I'm endeavouring to make a couple of series as my part of the fund raiser..........I think I need to blame my lack of inspiration and motivation on "post moving blues" and summer blah.

Nothing seems to be jelling at the moment,and that March 30 deadline is looming closer.

On another note,I have two gorgeous "white on white" CQ blocks awaiting attention.
Even with the air-con humming at a chilly 23 degree I'm not brave enough to go anywhere near the work with sweaty hands.

1 comment:

belle said...

Oh Mauz, it must be something in the air.... I signed up for that fundraiser too, but despite lots of drawing, doodles and "practise" bits, nothing's jelling for me either. Feeling a bit panicy as the due date draws nigh!!!!

I hope we get our groove back soon :)