Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hearts and flowers

I thought it was time to dust the cobwebs off my Janome Xpressions!

Myfanwy of Nuvo Felt and periodically issues a "Challenge" and I'm waaaaay behind in responding.

The current? previous challenge was "Hearts and flowers" and I didnt want M to think I had abandoned her completely,so............

Using a chiffon scarf (courtesy of my friend Catherine) some wool roving,some acrylic felt and some kunin felt,here's my answer.
Being chiffon I've left the petals free standing,anchored in the centre with some Angelina fibres for sparkle.
Wool roving supplied the stems and heart shaped leaves in acrylic felt complete the spray.

I'm wondering if I can make the flowers on a base that can be used to brighten up last Winter's tops---much like a brooch. hmmmmmmmm??

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NuvoFelt said...

It was worth dusting off you machine! I like it a lot, Maureen. The ubiquitous chiffon! What would we stitchers do without it!

Calidore said...

So that's what you did with the scarf...I had wondered how you would use it. Very pretty....I think I need to move closer for lessons....grin.