Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nearly there

After one or two near disasters..........when my spirit of "what if" took action before my brain,here it is: needlefelted and ready for some quilting and extra embellishment.

You may remember that I used a painted nappy/diaper liner for the foundation cloth?

In a rush of enthusiasm I decided to see what effect I'd get if I sprayed the piece with a mist of water and steam pressed it........

Trust me,
don't do it!

(Having used the fibre a few weeks ago for heat treated fibre beads,you'd think I'd have remembered what happened!)

Melted holes in the foundation didnt I!

Anyway the piece was saved by needle felting the lot to a piece of batting and then adding more wool roving.

I think this would make a good cover for my garden journal.

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Sophie said...

Looks great!! How did the freestanding petals turn out - I can't see from the picture.

Helen in the UK said...

Great save on the melting foundation! Looks great. Love the inchies too :)

crazyQstitcher said...

You get the award for being a Master of Recovery. I think the new version is fantastic and love the gold 3D effect.
You also have a way with words and I am still LOL

Adrian said...

Maureen, your needlefelting is so very pretty and colorful. Whatever trouble you may have had with it sure doesn't show!