Friday, July 27, 2007

Spirit doll & Swingle

Now that Nj has finally received and opened her parcel I can introduce my final Spirit doll .

Made especially for an online friend as thanks for favours received,I knew that ORANGE is her favoured colour,so I endeavoured to stay with that theme...........
the colours I used for the doll reminded me of red sandhills,spirals of dust devils and red gold sunsets,so "she" became my Spirit of the Outback.

The purse/swingle (neck jewellery) was crazy quilt pieced (like the doll) and is large enough to hold a mobile phone and a fantastic plastic.
Not that it shows up too clearly in this photo,but the main embellishment is an ear-ring acquired in Turkey over 30 years ago.
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1 comment:

Bear said...

oh Maureen I am not a lover of orange but this is beautiful really is - well done darling
love n hugs b ear xoxoxox