Friday, July 13, 2007

WHAT would you do??

This morning I escorted my husband to his Oncology clinic appointment……after “visiting” with his Oncologist we went down to the main entrance /foyer of the hospital to wait for transport home.
Not long after we got there,a gentleman (who I recognised as a doctor in the Specialist’s clinics) passed us and waited outside with his luggage.
After a wait of some ten minutes,he left his case/portmanteau outside and came back through the foyer to disappear into “somewhere” in the hospital!
( and yes,he did have a mobile phone)
In view of the media grabs we see on TV regarding “suspicious left luggage” I was a little apprehensive……
I recognised him as a doctor;
he had left luggage in a conspicuous place and vacated the scene.
I was standing near LARGE plate glass sliding doors…and I wondered (as silly old women do) which way a blast would cause the most damage.
There were no obvious security persons to approach!
I reasoned that as the luggage was the OTHER side of a concrete pylon,if I turned my back and stayed in my semi sheltered corner (if there was a blast) my back would be splintered.
Add to this, that ,at the moment,an Indian doctor (in Brisbane,Queensland) has been held for over a week pending investigation into a possible relationship with recent bombings in Great Britain……..
I KNOW the media goes ballistic in these situations……
WHAT would you do?
Thankfully,nothing happened at Redcliffe Hospital today……..but rest assured,if I see that doctor when we visit again in two week’s time,I will front him,and tell him to be more careful.


Vicki W said...

I would have gotten the hell out of there!

Doreen G said...

Way to go Maureen I don't know what I would have done-but we are always being told to be aware of suspicious things--maybe in hindsight you should have reported it to someone and made the doctor look a fool when they found out it was his.Hindsight is a wonderful thing I know.

Anonymous said...

A dilemma, for sure... one of the current affair programs did just this a while back...left luggage in a conspicuos place at a railway station and an airport, just to see what people would do. For over an hour, everyone gave the offending luggage a wide berth, and walked away. At least you were aware of all the concerns and possibilities.

Maybe you were on candid camera, Mauz :)

I like Doreen's idea, reporting it and having the doc look foolish.


Maureen said...

Yes belle,
I thought of that program when I saw this happening.
Must admit I was worried about being thought racist,as the doctor is African.....and I know of a couple of patients who have told fibs to avoid being attended to by him........he apparently is very quietly spoken and difficult to understand,so a couple (of patients) said they were deaf!!

Calidore said...

I have to admit my first thought was didn't he think anyone would steal his luggage? Then I thought how dumb was he to leave it there. Finally - after thinking for a while (yeah at times I'm slow...grin) I think I would have called the police or at the very least let hospital security know just in case it was something serious.

How sad though that because of his race that patients don't want to see him. He is probably a very good doctor and is as put off by them as much as they are put off by him.

Gerry said...

I think I would have reported it. If it was nothing, then it was nothing. If it was something to worry about, people could be dead now.