Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas is coming.......

A lot quicker than I want,so I've been playing with some card making:
Most are postcard size,but the first one is a WiP,featuring Rainbow Pellon,P&Q fabric ,some felt and some of the wee sequins I bought from Robyn at ColourStreams down Mullumbimby way.

The second card I was trying to make a snow storm effect........
(you know,those ever popular balls you shake and create a snow storm)

Next is a CQ'd Santa .........seems forever since I did any handwork or CQ.

Finally , a tatted snowflake motif on star fabric;
Along with the motif I've added wee stars and sequins ,
all held in position with a layer of bridal tulle.

Now to start on some handbags
and a redwork hanging for moi!

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